Representing the Spirit: Sophie Wilder edition

Wm points readers to a paragraph in Christopher Beha’s novel What Happened to Sophie Wilder that attempts to represent the Holy Ghost in fiction.

What Happened to Sophie Wilder by Christopher Beha is an excellent novel. I may have more to write about it in relation to Mormon fiction later, but for now, I want to document another instance of representing the workings of the Holy Spirit/Holy Ghost. I’m not going to publish the excerpt here because it really needs to be read in context for full effect and even though to do so would be within the bounds of fair use, it’s a key paragraph, and I don’t want extract the kernel just for blogging fodder. It can be found at the bottom of page 112 and top of 113 of the trade paperback edition. Anyone who is interested in reading or writing about the spiritual and emotional and intellectual lives of people of faith should seek this book out (although: language warning; also — drug and alcohol use; also — privileged whiners alert).

If you really, really must know, Google Books will show part but not all of the paragraph.

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