Why I wore a maroon tie to church yesterday

I do not own a black beret so I did not wear one to church yesterday. But I did wear a maroon tie. I didn’t wear it ironically or aggressively or subversively. No one in my ward, in fact, knew why I was wearing it. But I knew why. And one of the reasons was to recognize this:

Art keeps me from being dogmatic about my religion; religion keeps me from fetishizing my art.

10 thoughts on “Why I wore a maroon tie to church yesterday”

  1. I purposefully wore a maroon tie and maroon socks to church yesterday. Of course nobody noticed. If you had polled our ward about the women-wearing-pants thing a few weeks ago, I bet nobody outside of my wife and me would even know what you were talking about. But I truly do appreciate the work you gentlemen do to keep me apprised of what’s happening with mormon arts, especially literature. You have opened my eyes to a fabulous, new world that has so much more meaning.

  2. William-I really like this: “Art keeps me from being dogmatic about my religion; religion keeps me from fetishizing my art.”

    I ended up being sick enough not to go to Church yesterday, but y’all in your berets and maroon clothes were in my thoughts.

  3. I bought a cheap black beret for Church yesterday. But my wife has nixed me wearing it further (I barely wore it at church!). Apparently it is not flattering at all on me.

    It now belongs to my daughter…

  4. .

    We had a broadcast stake conference. And L Tom Perry didn’t call me out. So I think we can call that official sanction.

  5. Religion without dogmatism is like dinner without meat. Its still nutritious and filling, but you’ve left out the fun part.

  6. Heavens, no. The dogmatism isn’t the meat. All the meat is still there. Well seared on the outside. Medium-rare in the middle. All those doctrinal juices. The fork-tender worldview. The crispy Maillard-reactioned layer of tradition and history. The salt and pepper of personal and apostolic revelation.

    Some people think that dogmatism is the horseradish that adds a nice zip to the meat, but for me the zip comes from life lived and stories told and listened to. Dogmatism is the sad piece of parsley over on the side of the plate hanging out saying look at me, look at me, I go with the meat! And I’m, like, nah. Chop you up with some olive oil and garlic and maybe. But by yourself? Not interesting.

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