Resolutions and Mormon Literature Memes

OFWhitney-PurePowerfulFor some time I have looked for ways to promote Mormon literature — ways to put the idea of Mormon literature in front of the public. The best, or most resonant, of Mormon literature needs to become part of our culture in a way that makes at least some works familiar to most members. Getting there involves the long process of educating the culture. Many different ways of promoting literature will need to be used. We need Mormon literary figures on t-shirts and shopping bags. We need fantastic book covers of well-known works to be highly recognizable. We need scenes or snippets of those well-known works to be seen all over. In short, we need Mormon Literature Memes.

Its not like we don’t have Mormon memes already. At least two types are arguably literary: scriptural quotations and quotations from general authorities. I see them all over Facebook. For many Mormons they are an integral part of their online persona. They get used, even if it doesn’t mean that the poster read the talk or the scripture. They still have meaning–and I think its safe to suggest that the poster either aspires to have read or heard these works, or at least agrees with their sentiments.

What I don’t understand is why memes like this don’t already appear! I must admit that I’m as guilty as anyone — I haven’t posted such memes myself. Part of this is simply neglect. I need to start looking for quotations from Mormon Literature that can be used in this way — I need to put this in the back of my mind when I’m reading. And I need to look for things that my friends will want to share.

I don’t know how much promoting Mormon Literature Memes will help. But I’ll probably give it a try. I know there are things in my reading that I can turn into memes. Hopefully someone will want to share them. So my resolution for this year is to come up with more Mormon Literature memes.

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