Scott Hales joins A Motley Vision

A post welcoming Mormon literary critic and scholar Scott Hales as he joins A Motley Vision.

I’m pleased to announce that Scott Hales has joined A Motley Vision. Most of our readers will know Scott as a regular commenter her at AMV, the proprietor of the excellent The Low-Tech World, and from his contributions to Dawning of a Brighter Day and Modern Mormon Men.

I’m incredibly pleased by this development and am kicking myself that I didn’t extend the invitation months ago.

Please join me in welcoming Scott Hales to the AMV team.

12 thoughts on “Scott Hales joins A Motley Vision”

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    At the risk of sounding mercenary, should not AMV be the Google of Mormon arts-blogging, acquisitioning worthy targets as necessary?

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    Oh good. Since we’re just going to give all your engineers new projects, stick your patents in the vault, and then dissolve you.

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