A poll for those entering Everyday Mormon Writer’s upcoming contest

With just over 10 days left to enter Everyday Mormon Writer’s , I thought I’d see if we can get a sense of which centuries AMVers are focusing on. If you have entered or are planning on entering the contest, please answer the following question.

If you have no idea what I’m taking about, read my interview with James Goldberg on the contest. Or click the link in the first sentence of this post.

Full disclosure: I have entered the 20th, 21st and 22nd century contests.

[poll id=”8″]

6 thoughts on “A poll for those entering Everyday Mormon Writer’s upcoming contest”

  1. Makes sense to me that most people like the 22nd Century. It’s the most interesting. Thus the prevalence of “Space Opera” in the Monsters & Mormons anthology. Plus, the idea of Satan hiding in the closet is so intriguing…

  2. Since only 6 people have voted so far, I’m not sure we can draw any conclusions yet, but I am a bit surprised that 22nd is leading. Then again, I did it because it seemed like a fun one to try.

  3. .

    I did not expect to enter this contest, but, after a busy few days, I have one of each. I will not be rewriting them the 20+ times that is my norm, but they will be of acceptable quality, ranging in length from (in their present penultimate forms) 595 to 1597 words. All but one break 1000. Which is a shame since I was aiming between 800 and 900.

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