A question for LDS who have read The Hollow City

I can’t really talk about this without getting into major spoilers so I just want to ask this question of any active LDS who has read Dan Wells latest novel The Hollow City: were you getting any Mormon thematic vibes from the ending?

I don’t think that there’s anything in there that requires a Mormon reading, but I can kind of see how Mormon theology/worldview may have served as starting point for some of the ideas there even though they become heavily transmuted in the process. But it’s subtle enough that if you weren’t Mormon or even if you were Mormon and didn’t know Dan was Mormon, you wouldn’t even notice it. And you may not notice it anyway. But did anyone else pick up that vibe?

7 thoughts on “A question for LDS who have read The Hollow City”

  1. All ebook users have their own thresholds for what they feel is reasonable, of course, but considering that the ebook is available at the same time as the hardcover and that it is published by a major publisher and that it is a niche genre book, $12.99 is a pretty standard price.

  2. Coincidentally, I just ordered it at my local independent bookstore. I’ll pick it up tomorrow, read it, and come back and let you know what I think.

  3. I’m Mormon. I know that Dan’s Mormon (and I knew it when I read the book), and I didn’t get any Mormon vibes. Huh. Now I’m really curious about what it is. Any way you can email me or something?

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