What mormon books to read this summer?

TeachA few days I came across a link to a blog post about what to read this summer: 101 Books To Read This Summer Instead of ’50 Shades of Grey.’ I thought it was a clever way of suggesting classic books to read and classifying those books. Then I thought, wouldn’t it be fun to do the same thing for Mormon books?

The problem, of course, is that I’m not sure I could classify enough Mormon books to fill out a reasonable flowchart. So, I thought I’d ask visitors to Motley Vision to help.

I’ve extracted the fiction categories from the flowchart below. So, in the comments, we can simply indicate a title for as many categories as possible. Since the flowchart was clearly created from a list of books instead of from the list of categories, many of the categories below simply won’t have anything. Instead, iif you’d like, add a category.

[To keep things clear, please limit each comment to a single title, and include what category you think it belongs in.]

Here are the categories used in the original flowchart (except those that won’t work for Mormon lit):

Classic Fiction:

  • Relationship Intrigue
  • Class Issues
  • Race Issues
  • Political Allegory
  • War
  • Looking for Something
  • Americana (i.e., regional books)
  • Fantasy: Absurdist Mutation
  • Fantasy: Epic
  • Fantasy: Vampire/Zombie (Don’t Bite Me, Bro)
  • Sci Fi: Information Control
  • Sci Fi: Genetic Engineering
  • Sci Fi: Though Police
  • Sci Fi: Time Travel
  • Sci Fi: End of the World
  • Magic Realism: Individual Plight
  • Magic Realism: Epic
  • Short Stories
  • Poetry: Contemporary
  • Poetry: Words of teh Young
  • Poetry: Classic

Contemporary Fiction:

  • Historical Fiction: Foul Play
  • Historical Fiction: Political Scene
  • Historical Fiction: Family Ties
  • Historical Fiction: Religion
  • Mystery: Family
  • Mystery: Murder
  • Violent Youth: Military Therapy
  • Violent Youth: Teen Angst
  • Violent Youth: School Shooting
  • Violent Youth: Afghan Caste System
  • Violent Youth: Child Soldiers
  • Dark Fiction: Troubled Family
  • Dark Fiction: Ghosts
  • Dark Fiction: Captivity
  • Graphic Novel: Coming of Age
  • Graphic Novel: Survival & Struggle
  • Graphic Novel: Oppresive Regime
  • Sci Fi: Aliens
  • Sci Fi: Humor
  • Dark Futures: Pro Life
  • Dark Futures: Future Internet
  • Dark Futures: Clones
  • Dark Futures: Drug Lords
  • Dark Futures: Destiny
  • Short Stories: Fantastical
  • Short Stories: Family Life
  • Short Stories: Sports
  • Beauty and the Beast
  • Philosophical Dog
  • Sports and Drugs
  • Transformations: Underdog
  • Transformations: Troubled Young
  • Transformations: Relationship Strife
  • Tough Situations: Picking up the Pieces
  • Tough Situations: Coming of Age
  • Tough Situations: New Dad
  • Tough Situations: New Mom

26 thoughts on “What mormon books to read this summer?”

  1. Name of the wind- Rothfuss- Fantasy: Epic

    This and the other volume out in the trilogy are the first books in a long time that I felt I couldn’t put down. Very well written.

  2. Are we just reccommending books in.general, or books we love? My book would fit under historical fiction political scene and mystery, family, I think. As to other LDS works, The Scholar of Moab should go somewher, couldn’t say.where because I haven’t read it yet (though I gave it to my dad for fathers’ day.) Fire in.the Pasture should of course go under at least contemporary poetry.

  3. Is there a “westerns” category? One of my all time favorites is The Bishop’s horse race by Yorgason. And the sequel, Brother Brigham’s Gold.

  4. More thoughts…race issues, Margaret Young &Darius Grey’s collaborations.

    Tough situations, coming of age: The Kaliedescope Season, by Sharon Downing Jarvis

    Dark Fiction: Ghosts: Lost Boys, by Orson Scott Card

    Graphic Novel: Coming of Age = Rapunzel’s Revenge, by Shannon Hale & husband

    Tough situations= new mom, Delivering Hope by Jennifer Ann Holt (haven’t read it yet, but reviews are good)

    Sci Fi:Genetic Engineering/though police= Matchedby Allie Condie

  5. Sorry, Lecia. If you want to use that blog to draw on works that you can specifically mention here in the format that Kent is asking for, that’s fine. But we don’t do drive-by promotions here. Thanks, William

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