Voting has begun for WIZ’s 2012 Spring Poetry Runoff

RodneyLoughWaterfallsOver at AMV’s companion blog Wilderness Interface Zone, the last of the 2012 Spring Poetry Runoff poems have posted and voting to decide which one wins the 2012 Spring Poetry Runoff’s Most Popular Poem Award is open and will run through Tuesday, June 5th.  All participating poets, their friends and family, and all connoisseurs of poetry–particularly, of nature poetry–are invited to help choose the 2012 Spring Poetry Runoff’s Most Popular Poem Award winner.

The poll to determine the winner of the Spring Poetry Runoff Popular Poem Award will close 11:59 p.m. on Tuesday, June 5, but winners of both the popular vote and the Admin Award will be announced on or around Tuesday, June 6th.   So keep an eye on WIZ to see how matters settle out.  31 poems qualified for the voting, so pop some popcorn, get out a pint of your favorite ice cream, or otherwise provision yourself for a long (but satisfying!) read.   This part is important, folks: Each voter can (and should) vote for his or her three favorite poems!  Instructions on how to access the poems are available in the post”“please read all instructions carefully.

To read the voting instructions and to vote, click here.

The winners of the Most Popular Poem and Admin Awards will receive their choices of  Steven L. Peck’s  The Scholar of Moab (Torrey House Press 2011),  which recently received the AML Award for the Novel, or the stunning new anthology of Mormon poetry, Fire in the Pasture (Peculiar Pages 2011) edited by AMV’s Tyler Chadwick.  Tyler also won an AML Award for his editing of this must-have collection.

So come over to WIZ and join the fun.  Or at least set up a lawn chair and watch.

3 thoughts on “Voting has begun for WIZ’s 2012 Spring Poetry Runoff”

  1. Reminder: Bloggernacle denizens wishing to vote for their favorite poem in WIZ’s Most Popular Poem Contest have slightly less than 24 hours to make their vote count.

    Currently, James Goldberg’s “Since he was weaned” is maintaining a one-vote lead over William Reger’s “First Robins”.

    So far, only 65 voters have cast votes. Last year’s voters numbered 111. If this year’s voter turnout is anything like last year’s there’s still plenty of time for a big shakeup in the race!

  2. Ditto what Sarah said. The race is a heated one, with voters for two poems pouring it on as their favorites jockey for position along the home stretch.

    I have to say that this contest has made WIZ’s (admittedly short) history for the number of voters who have cast ballots and for the intensity of the competition. There are slightly more than 4 hours remaining in the voting period. If you’d like to participate in the race, click on the “here” in the “click here” instruction in the post above.

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