Read my Mormon Lit Blitz story

My short short story “The Elder Who Wouldn’t Stop…” is now live and begging to be read.

If all went according to plan, my short short story “The Elder Who Wouldn’t Stop…” is now posted over on the Mormon Artist blog as part of the Mormon Lit Blitz contest. Discussion of contest entries can be found on the Mormon Lit Blitz Facebook page.

Edit to add: click here for a direct link to my story.

My piece is the second to go up. The posting of the finalists kicked of yesterday with the poem “In Bulk” by Marilyn Nielson. It’s a great poem that features the awesome phrase “the potato salad of my indignation”. A finalist a day will go up every day (except Sundays) through Feb. 29. I’m looking forward to reading all of them and encourage you to do the same — hey, each is 1,000 words or less.

Mine is actually 1,000 words right on the nose. It was 999, but I threw in an extra adjective to make it an even grand.

Also: I will be posting Liner Notes for “The Elder Who Wouldn’t Stop…” like I do with most of my published work, but I will be holding off until after the contest ends.

2 thoughts on “Read my Mormon Lit Blitz story”

  1. Nice story. I particularly like the fact that the greenie is never named. (I’d comment over at the Facebook page, but not being on Facebook, that’s not an option…)

  2. You should get a Facebook account, Jonathan, just to participate in the Mormon Lit Blitz discussions. Nothing in the Facebook contract says you can’t disconnect it after the Mormon Lit Blitz is over. 🙂

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