Peculiar Pages at Sunstone West


This Saturday at Claremont Graduate University, Sunstone West, a small tidier Sunstone Symposium, will feature panels about two Peculiar Pages book. (Note that times and participants are subject to clarification.)


The first, Monsters & Mormons, accomplished with the help of A Motley Vision and the most fun currently available in print. Participating authors Erik Peterson (“Bichos”) and Brian Gibson (“The Eye Opener”) will be talking about their works as well as reading their own and others’ stories. Responding to their presentation will be Patrick Q. Mason, the Howard W. Hunter Chair of Mormon Studies and Associate Professor of North American Religion at Claremont, and the author of The Mormon Menace: Violence and Anti-Mormonism in the Postbellum South (Oxford University Press, 2011).

Also featured are several poets from Fire in the Pasture. Featuring editor, poet, and AMV-contributor Tyler Chadwick discussing a Javen Tanner poem, and, in a separate session, readings from Tyler, Neil Aitkin, Karen Kelsay, Elisa Pulido, Laura Stott, Holly Welker, and, we hope, more.

Sunstone West is always great fun and you’ll want to catch other panels and presentations while you’re there.

Come to L.A.!

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6 thoughts on “Peculiar Pages at Sunstone West”

  1. I’m an LDS author and publisher. I just released a new Mormon adventure book titled Out of the Picture and Into the Picture (OPIP), ISBN 9780976800460. It contains two short stories about a father and son miraculously reunited in a strange storm, and the son’s journey home. Anyone interested in Monsters and Mormons will like this book. For more information, search

  2. Hey, Ilyan — I deleted your other comment because one plug of your book here at AMV is fine, but two is not cool. If people are interested, they will click on over to your site.


  3. Man! I wonder if I can get a Monsters and Mormons symposium here in the East…

    You Utahns have all the fun. Just you wait…when the second coming rolls around, you’re going to be stuck a MILLION miles away from Adam-ondi-ahman, while I’m going to only need to hike a couple days to see the Lord! THEN we’ll see who’s laughing, indeed, because I’ll have a front row seat and YOU’LL have to sit in the back with all the noisy babies!


  4. Psst. Scott. This event is in California. (although LTUE and World Horror will both be in Utah and will have M&M panels).

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