Sunstone’s Gift to Me and You


Sunstone, quietly and without any fanfare that I’m aware of, has made it’s archives (save the few most recent issues) available for free online.

! ! !

Including the comics issue I edited! Which is primo content, I assure you.

! ! !

Sunstone has just provided an incredible resource which I encourage you to check out.

For free!

Although, speaking of money, Sunstone could use yours even if they’re being coy about it. Considering thanking them for the pdf bonanza with some lucre.

2 thoughts on “Sunstone’s Gift to Me and You”

  1. They have provided free access to their archives for several years now (as has Dialogue). But it sounds like Sunstone is now making much more recent material available (the delay was in the neighborhood of several years at one time, IIRC).

    Good News!

  2. .

    That’s a good point. And having access to stuff only a couple years old is quite handy. Especially because I generally don’t know where my back issues are and can’t remember how to sign into the website . . . .

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