Get Monsters & Mormons on your new ereader, tablet or smartphone

How to buy Monsters & Mormons and load it on to almost any ereading device: ereader, smartphone, tablet, latptop, netbook or desktop.

So you could go ahead and now that it is available. But chances are a few of you received a new device this Christmas that will work as an ereader. Here’s how you get Monsters & Mormons on to your device (please note that all links will open up in a new window so that you can continue to reference this post). Note that laptops, netbooks and desktops can also serve as ereaders so there is a section for that below titled “Mac, PC or Linux laptop/netbook/desktop”. In that section, I also point you to Calibre, which can help you load ebooks on all of the devices listed below so if you are serious about getting into ebooks or have a range of different devices in the family, check that out.

iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch (iOS devices)

Edit to add: the Dropbox + Bluefire method in the comments below also works quite well. I’ve used it myself.

iBookstore is difficult to work with for small publishers, so you won’t find it there and Apple doesn’t let other apps buy directly in-app so you’ll need both your computer and your iOS device. So fire up your laptop or desktop and directly from B10 Mediaworx and download it to someplace where you easily find it (desktop, your documents folder, an ebooks folder). Your best bet is to buy the epub version (click on the “epub” button). The only exception is if you are already using the Kindle app on your iOS device, in which case, click on the “kindle” button.

Next, you need to install an ereader app on your device.

1. If you went the Kindle route, use the Amazon Kindle App.

2. If you went the epub route, use Bluefire Reader.

Open up iTunes on your computer and connect your iOS device to your computer. When your device shows up on the left nav in iTunes, click on it. You should see a new navigation show up in the main section of iTunes. Find the “Apps” button and click on it. Scroll down to the bottom to the section that says “File Sharing”. Click on the Kindle or Bluefire icon. You should now see the list of files in that app (or none if there aren’t files in it yet). At the bottom of that section (which will either say “Kindle Documents” or “Bluefire Documents”, you’ll see a button that says “Add”. Click on that button, navigate to where you downloaded your .epub or .prc (Kindle) file, select the file and click “open”. The file should now show up in the Documents list on iTunes. Sync your device, eject it and it should show up on your iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch your Kindle or Bluefire app.

Kindle/Kindle Fire

There are two ways to go here:

1. and have it automatically sent to your device via Whispernet. This is easier, but we (the publisher, editors and contributors) get less money. But hey, it’s easier so we don’t mind if that’s way you gotta go.

2. Buy directly from us and sideload the Kindle file onto your Kindle device. Here’s how you do that: from your laptop or desktop, click here. Click on the “kindle” button and go through the check out process. When you get to the point where you can download the file, save it somewhere where you will be able to easily find it.

Next, click here for information from Amazon on how to transfer content via usb. Because you’ve already downloaded the content to your computer, you can skip the first section in the guide and following directions for “Connecting your Kindle device to your computer” and “Transferring Kindle content”.

Nook (or Kobo or Sony Reader)

For non-Kindle ereaders, you should directly from B10 Mediaworx and download it someplace where you can find it.

To load the file onto your Nook, click here and follow the instructions. Note that you can also manage this via Adobe Editions if you already use it to load books on to your Nook that you don’t purchase directly form B&N.

To load the file onto your Kobo, connect it to your computer using the USB cable that came with it. Tap “Connect” on your Kobo eReader’s screen. Your Kobo should now show up as a connected device on your computer. Open it up and you should see the contents of the eReader. Open up another explore window (PC) or finder window (Mac) on your computer and navigate to where your Monsters & Mormons epub file is. Drag it to the eReader window and drop it in. Eject your Kobo and you should be good to go.

For the Sony Reader, connect it to your computer using the USB cable. If you have a Sony Reader, chances are you already have Sony’s eBook Library installed on your computer and know how to use it. Do that. There are other ways to go but they aren’t as easy to explain.

Mac, PC or Linux laptop/netbook/desktop

There are quite a few ereader software options. The best, imo, is Calibre. Download Calibre here. Install it. and download it someplace where you can find it. Open up Calibre, click on “Add Books”, navigate to where you downloaded the file and select it. Calibre can also help you load books to almost other devices you might have, including Kindle, Nook, iPad, Sony Reader, Android smartphone/tablet and Kobo.

Android Smartphone or Tablet

Edit to add: the Dropbox + Bluefire method in the comments below also works quite well for those who are (or are willing to be) Dropbox users.

I don’t know the Android world very well. If you already use the Kindle app on Android, it’s probably easiest to . But if you really want to have the epub version and not be tied into Kindle (a sentiment I fully understand and support), then it looks to me like your best bets are either the Kobo app or the Aldiko app. Click here for details on how to load books using the Aldiko app. For the Kobo app on an Android table the best bet is to load the epub file onto the SD card for your tablet and then follow these linked instructions.


If none of the above work for you, you can always and use your favorite PDF reader or browser/html renderer.

I hope this helps. If you have questions, leave a comment below or email monsters AT motleyvision DAWT org, and we’ll do our best to help you out.

9 thoughts on “Get Monsters & Mormons on your new ereader, tablet or smartphone”

  1. By the way: there may be other ways to accomplish any or all of the above. I tried in my research to come up with the easiest ways to do so. If you have other tips, feel free to post a comment.

  2. Sorry, Scott. This took a lot of research so I dragged my heels on it.

    ALSO: Droid smartphone and Android tablet people — MoJo informs me that the Bluefire Android app + Dropbox* works well. Install Dropbox on your computer and on Android. But the epub file from B10 Mediaworx and put it in your dropbox folder. Open up your Dropbox app and find the epub file and you should have the option to open it up in Bluefire. This same method works with Bluefire and Dropbox on the iPhone/iPad. I’ve used it — it’s great. I can’t believe I forgot to mention it.

    * If you sign up for Dropbox with that link, I get a small increase in the size of the storage in my account. Thanks!

  3. I should also add that with the death of Stanza (which is technically still kind of alive, but was bought by Amazon and basically is dead in the water), Bluefire is my favorite ereader app.

  4. Bluefire is built on the Adobe Digital Editions rootkit, which is why you can read DRMd ePub ebooks (like from the library) on it. I believe it’s the only ePub reader that can get Adobe to authorize opening the file through your ADE account.

  5. Holy cow, when is someone gonna sort this huge mess out? Music never had it this bad…

    I’m curious to analyze how many e-books Zarahemla sold in 2011 compared with print books. I bet e-books are dominating 10:1.

  6. It’s even worse, Chris. At least when you buy ebooks from B10 Mediaworx, they are DRM-free. Once you add DRM into the mix, it’s way more complicated.

    And: sounds like a Publisher’s Corner post for the AML blog to me.

  7. @Chris Bigelow–I would love, love, love more details about how ebooks are working for your company. Please guest post for us!

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