My story cycle Gentle Persuasions now available for free

My story cycle Gentle Persuasions can be downloaded for free from Dialogue’s website.

I just noticed that Dialogue has made its 2009 issues available in its open archive, which means that you can read my short short story cycle “Gentle Persuasions” for free (PDF download). Or you could just go ahead and download the entire issue. And should you decide to read “Gentle Persuasions”, you might also want to check out the liner notes. And if all goes according to plan my prose poem* series “Speculations: Wine” and “Speculations: Oil” will appear in the spring 2012 issue of Dialogue. So you might want to subscribe now.

* not sure exactly what to call them, but in the series are short short stories, creative exegesis, anecdotes, extended jokes — many of them some or all of those at once. I use prose poem because I approach each one by looking for the rhetorical conceit and poetic rhythm and language that I would with poetry.

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