Monsters & Mormons: the print run has shipped!

Edit to add (11:55 am): Good news! Less than an hour after this post went live, Elizabeth got word that the print run of Monsters & Mormons has shipped. As soon as it arrives, she will start fulfilling orders. Thanks for patience!

I know that many of you are anxiously awaiting the print version of Monsters & Mormons. We are too. Unfortunately, the vendor that Peculiar Pages/B10 Mediaworx is getting the trade pub editions from isn’t moving as quickly as they have in the past. See, we knew the schedule would be tight. But the order went in 10 days ago and Lightning Source, a print on demand company that works with small publishers,  hasn’t printed and shipped the print run yet to Elizabeth so that she can fulfill your orders. This delay is unusual. We don’t know yet when it might arrive. We very much hope that it can happen in advance of Christmas.

B10 does have your orders on file if you’ve already ordered the print version. And, of course, the ebook version is available to download now. Or you can get it directly for the Kindle here. As soon as the shipment comes in, we will let you know.

11 thoughts on “Monsters & Mormons: the print run has shipped!”

  1. I love it. I’ve had my version for a while. Review coming up at some point. Some of these stories are not only clever but pluck at your Mormon bones in a totally wonderful way. My recent RM son and I sat discussing “Baptisms for the Dead” in the chapel foyer last week during, well, Sunday School, laughing and otherwise making ourselves annoying. I still laugh and wonder now. Here’s hoping for a fleshing out of that apocalyptic world!

  2. .

    Some of these stories are not only clever but pluck at your Mormon bones in a totally wonderful way.

    I’m glad you found this to be true — to me, without that result, it’s just a book. But this M&M is a little bit more than that.

  3. Thanks, WVS. That really hit home for me as I was reviewing the entire manuscript — I had read all of the stories several times, but reading them in a row, well, it “pluck at your Mormon bones” is the perfect phrase. Our contributors really came through for us.

  4. And the orders have now been shipped from B10 Mediaworx to any of you who bought the print edition. And if you haven’t yet, click on that link up there on the left column and do so (or get the e-edition — it’s only $4.99).

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