Side project: Wm starts a personal blog

So here’s the deal:

I now have a separate personal web presence for myself as an author/critic. You can see me in action at or receive updates via my Facebook page and/or Twitter account.

If you’re curious about why I’m doing this and what it will be, you can read my navel gazing post about it. But the simple explanation is this: sometimes I want to write about culture without needing any Mormon tie-ins. Yes, I could do that here. But I think that focused, specialized blogs (and Twitter accounts) are better because it lets others choose which information they want to receive from you.

What does this mean for AMV?

Not a whole lot. It may mean a little less posting here by me — but not much of a slow-down. It will likely mean shorter posts. Or not. It really all depends on what I have time for and what I want to write about on any given day. I thought about giving up one of my identities/personae/fora (I also have a professional blog and Twitter account that’s related to my work in higher education marketing and public relations [and it’s the one that suffers most from neglect]). But when it came right down to it, I have three main areas of interest, and I’m interested in building relationships and thinking and writing in each of those domains. So I’m going to spread myself across all three and hope that I continue find interesting people to interact with in each of them.

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