Monsters, Animals a Cappella (THROAT and Mister Tim in Concert June 9th!)

Fresh from their big win at the Rocky Mountain Harmony Sweepstakes (Champions and Best Song “Monsters, Animals, THROAT (a band that’s managed by and includes Mister Tim) will be performing TONIGHT (8:00-11:00 pm) at the Velour Music Gallery 135 N. University Ave Provo, UT.

Lyrics with esoteric leanings, a fair amount of techno, and a female lead with the airiness of Emmy Rossum and the edge of Regina Spektor makes THROAT a unique a cappella experience. Their new music is a demanding experience; no checking out or half-listening options available. Several tunes are definite toe-tappers (my favorites are “On and On” and “180”). Some of them are strange enough to leave you in a stupor (“ala Floyd” being one of them. Of course, that might be the point of the homage in that particular tune). But all of them are worth listening to. Check ’em out!


One thought on “Monsters, Animals a Cappella (THROAT and Mister Tim in Concert June 9th!)”

  1. I went to high school with Mr. Tim and loved his satirical work with Moosebutter. I wish I could have been in Utah to see his new group, they sound great (and a female lead in an A Capella group is a rare treat… yay!).

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