A quick poll on the 2011 Irreantum fiction contest

The deadline for the is this evening. I’m curious about what the rest of you are submitting. The Irreantum admins usually release how many total entries in a category, but I’d like to dig in a little deeper (but not in a way that tips your hand on exactly what you are submitting).

This poll is completely non-scientific, and I’m quite sure that most of those who enter don’t read AMV, but for those that do, please take a moment and fill out the following. Also: this poll (or rather series of polls) is more oriented towards fiction writers (who may also be poets and essayists). If there is interest in polls that come from the point of view of poets or essayists, let me know, and I’ll set something up.

So here’s what I’d like to know:

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7 thoughts on “A quick poll on the 2011 Irreantum fiction contest”

  1. Hooray for our first voter other than me! Don’t be shy people (or come back tomorrow if you’ve procrastinated the day of your submission and will be scrambling tonight).

  2. Whoops I clicked a wrong button-I entered a novel excerpt-not a short story-I clicked the wrong one because I have been sending out so many short stories lately and thats where my mind was at.

  3. .

    I didn’t end up submitting fiction this year (!), just poetry (!!!). Very strange.

  4. David:

    Thanks for letting me know — I fixed it.


    I’m shocked and amazed.


    Good luck!

  5. So far it looks like I’m the only person who entered all 3 contests, which also makes me the only one who entered both poetry and personal essay as well as fiction.

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