WIZ’s 2nd Annual Spring Poetry Runoff opens for submissions

The Vernal Equinox arrives Sunday, March 20.  To celebrate spring’s arrival last year, Wilderness Interface Zone ran a Spring Poetry Runoff Contest and Celebration that had fantastic participation–a veritable cascade of sparkling poesy–and was lots of fun, too.  So beginning March 20, WIZ is running its Second Annual Spring Poetry Runoff Contest and Celebration!

In keeping with WIZ’s mission to help develop, inspire, and promote literary nature and science writing in the Mormon writing community, we encourage poets to help call an end to winter and sing up a season of flower and vegetable gardens, returning flocks, and light that takes the tarnish off the blood.

To view contest rules and submission deadlines, go here.

The contest will run from March 20 through April 8 or longer, if enough poems come in to warrant extending the contest. All submissions will be published on the blog, where they’ll become automatically eligible for competition as well as open to readers’ informal feedback in post comments. Authors retain all rights to their work.

Following the contest’s closing, readers will vote on WIZ to choose the winning poem in the Most Popular Vote Award category.  We will also offer an Admin Award to a second poet whose poem is chosen by blog administrators.

Winners will be announced within a week after the last poem has been posted and all votes have been cast.  The winners of the Most Popular Vote Award and the Admin Award will be given his or her choice of   Mark Bennion’s Psalm and Selah: A Poetic Journey Through The Book Of Mormon (Bentley Enterprises 2009), A Metaphorical God: Poems ( Persea 2008) by Kimberly Johnson, or The Clearing (Texas Tech University Press 2007) by Philip White.

So, if you have written a poem which mentions spring or one in which spring figures prominently and that fits WIZ’s themes and content, e-mail it to us at wilderness@motleyvision.org or pk.wizadmin@gmail.com.  Please review our submissions guide before submitting.

2 thoughts on “WIZ’s 2nd Annual Spring Poetry Runoff opens for submissions”

  1. Oh…. I completely missed the boat on this one 😦 but that’s actually a good thing because there is some great stuff on WIZ right now and I’m enjoying reading it 😀

  2. Sarah–you haven’t missed any boats! Passengers are still boarding. Submissions remain open through April 4 (that’s more than 2 weeks off). If you have something spring-themed,springish, spring-like, please send it to WIZ.

    Ditto for anybody else out there who has versified spring–any spring. Please send!

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