February is Love of Nature, Nature of Love Month on WIZ


For the second year, we’re making February “Love of Nature, Nature of Love” month over at Wilderness Interface Zone.  To celebrate Valentine’s Day, all month long we’ll publish poetry, essays, blocks of fiction, art, music (mp3s), video or other media that address the subject of love while making references to nature.  Or it could go the other way around: We’ll publish work about nature that also happens to give a nod to love.  That presents a wide field of possibilities.  We’re seeking submissions of original work or you can also send favorite works by other artists that have entered public domain.

Compare someone to a summer’s day.  Or maybe you’ve never seen a sight so lovely as a tree.  If you have a sonnet you’ve written to someone dear to your heart”“even and perhaps especially your dog”“please consider sending it to WIZ.  See our submissions guidelines.

Also, February 24th is WIZ’s birthday.  We’ll be two years old–we’ve made it to toddlerhood without doing something unfortunate like sticking our tongues into electrical outlets.  To celebrate, a couple of posts will offer presents to our readers.  Because without you, dear readers, where would we be?

There’s more than a slight hint of thaw in the air.  The light is growing longer.  The first waves  of migrating Canadian geese have begun rolling through San Juan County.  Hen-and-chicks and stork’s bill are beginning to preen.  The coyotes are pairing off.  February is a good month to warm things up.  Come over and toss a log of love on the fire at WIZ.

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