Gadianton Self-Help Titles, a mini Twitter meme

Yesterday I had this sudden urge to play on Twitter and so posted: “Who moved my treasure? #GadiantonSelfHelpTitles.” For those unfamiliar with Twitter adding the pound sign to a word or phrase designates it as a “hashtag”, which means other users can search for it and see all the posts that use that hashtag. It also acts as an unofficial invitation to others to post in theme with the hashtag. Now, I can’t claim that this idea is originally mine because I have a vague recollection of something similar to it coming across radar at some point in the past. But I was very pleased to see that this iteration of it took off. And it proved once again that Mormons on Twitter are hilarious. Although the ultimate proof is the juggernaut that was #mormonpioneertweets, which produced an amazing number of tweets, many of them completely hilarious and all of them, sadly, no longer available when I search for that hash tag. I guess we’ll have to wait  until we can pull them out of the National Archives. It will, no doubt, be the subject of a dissertation one of these days.

And so because Twitter is terrible  at archiving, I grabbed screenshots of all the additional #GadiantonSelfHelpTitles posts that happened in the two hours after I started it. To view them, visit the motleyvision flickr set. I’ve posted the first screenshot below — there are ten screenshots in total and more than 40 punchlines contribute by more than 10 Twitter users. Many thanks to all those who participated — you all amused me greatly. If I missed one or you have one to add, give us a shout in the comments below.

Screen shot 2010-10-25 at 11.46.37 AM

16 thoughts on “Gadianton Self-Help Titles, a mini Twitter meme”

  1. Aaaaaand I’m drawing a blank.

    But I will be back to read more funny titles.

    Reading this post makes me see some upsides to twitter. 🙂

  2. Secret Combinations for Dummies

    How to Succeed in Murder Without Really Trying

    What Color is Your Garotte?

    Vulture by Vulture

    Everything You Wanted to Know About Wickedness*
    *(But Were Afraid To Ask)

  3. .

    FYI: This was a conversation piece at a get-together tonight and I had nothing to do with it. I had only seen one and didn’t realize it was more than that. Successful meme!

  4. Thanks, Lee. I was trying to figure out how to parody What Color is Your Parachute but couldn’t quite get the noun right — Garotte is perfect.

    You must run in rarefied circles, Th.


    If you can find the right people to follow and don’t get too obsessive about it, twitter can be really great.

  5. And don’t forget their line of attractive magazines for those who want a little lighter fare:

    Robber’s Digest
    Fort’s Illustrated
    Popular Defiance
    Entertainment Wreakly
    Vanity Swear

    and of course, for the adult crowd, there’s Preyboy.

  6. My personal favorite is Cave, but even better is the tumblr blog Unhappy Gadiantons, which takes photos from Cave and adds amusing captions.

  7. Pole Dancing: Or How to Use Your Body to Accomplish Your Evil Plans

    Seducing Your Political Leader in Five Easy Steps

    The Gentle Art of Infiltrating Nephite Strongholds

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