Two more contests, Dialogue, and more

Kent posted last week about the Marilyn Brown Unpublished Novel contest. It’s a good contest, but it’s unlikely you’ll be able to hit the deadline unless you already have a novel in the drawer. So here’s two more contests to consider entering (after you finish your Monsters & Mormons submission, of course) plus some other things worth checking out…

Sunstone writing contests

The deadline is Oct. 31*. Winners will be announced no later than Feb. 28, 2011. Full details on Sunstone’s Facebook page. One of the great things about this contest is that it includes a prize for short-short story (less than 1,500 words) in addition to short story (fewer than 6,000 words). I heartily applaud Sunstone’s commitment to the short-short form.

LDS Film Script Contest

The LDS Film Festival has also announced its contests, and this year there will be a Feature Script Contest.  R. Don Oscarson has also put up $600 in prize money (three scripts will win $200 each). Scripts are due Nov. 15.

AMVers in Dialogue

Dialogue has been very good to AMV-associated folks the past few years (and I guess you could say vice versa). I’m pleased to report that S.P. Bailey has two poems in the Fall 2010 issue, which also features reviews of Jonathan Langford’s novel No Going Back ( Amazon ) and Theric Jepson and co’s collection The Fob Bible ( Amazon ).

Narratives of Family exhibit

Art History student Emily Larsen and BYU faculty member James R. Swensen have curated the exhibit “Nature and Nurture: Narratives of Family” for the B.F. Larson Gallery at the Harris Fine Arts Center. Here’s what Emily says about the exhibit:  “The exhibition … explores the complexity of familial relationships through the art of ten artists with connections to BYU or Utah (8 of the 10 are BYU alumni). The exhibition features the art of well known LDS artists such as Brian Kershisnik and Lee Udall Bennion as well as lesser known LDS artists.” It runs Oct. 5-28 so if you are in the area, do check it out.

Poetry in song from Mormon Artist Group

Song/Cycles is the latest project from the NYC-based Mormon Artists Group. Featuring the work of 6 LDS poets (including Lance Larsen) set to music by LDS composers, the project comes in both a limited edition and a trade paperback. The limited edition version includes audio recordings of performances of the song cycles.

*This post originally had the deadline as Oct. 15 for the Sunstone contests; it’s actually Oct. 31.

6 thoughts on “Two more contests, Dialogue, and more”

  1. .

    Nature and Nurture has a very exciting variety of artists.

    Expect a more indepth look at song/cycles soon here on AMV.

  2. One more thing — this one from Roger Layton at BYU’s Harold B. Lee:

    For those who live near BYU there is an interesting lecture planned for September 30th. John Bennion is going to present From Sparkling to Flame: The Conditions of Literary Creation.

    The lecture is part of the Harold B. Lee Library’s House of Learning Lecture Series. It is also the event that marks the opening of the L. Tom Perry Special Collections new exhibition Literary Worlds: Illumination of the Mind. The exhibition features manuscripts, letters, and drawings by a wide range of authors including Louisa May Alcott, Zane Grey, Charles Dickens, Aprilynne Pike, G. G. Vandagriff, Orson F. Whitney, Orson Scott Card, Walt Whitman and more.

    Bennion will speak at 2:00 pm in the Harold B. Lee Library auditorium on level 1. The exhibition opening will follow the lecture. Admission to both events is free.

    If you don’t live close to BYU the library has provided an online version of the exhibit at

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