Short Story Friday: The Newlyweds by Joshua Foster

So the last time we had a Short Story Friday, I mentioned that I had wanted to post Joshua Foster’s “The Newlyweds” but was unable to because the link that Theric had submitted was no longer good. I’m pleased to report that the Powers That Be at Dialogue read AMV and have generously provided me with a PDF edition of the story.

Title: The Newlyweds (PDF file)

Author: Joshua Foster

Publication Info: Dialogue; vol 41, No. 2 (Summer 2008)

Submitted by: Theric Jepson

Why?: Theric says: “.

Although it seems like the typical set of characters, these poor dumb kids were very appealing to me.”


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One thought on “Short Story Friday: The Newlyweds by Joshua Foster”

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    This is not about the story, but foster was just given a Stegner Fellowship, making the second year in a row that a Mormon has gotten one. Of course, Gene England was once a Stegner Fellow as well. I wonder how many there have been over the years?

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