Something for the community Part II: 1995-2004

Here is part two of the contents of the AML Annuals:


Presidential Addresses
And Now for a Little Mormon Humor
Ann Edwards Cannon     1

The Power of the Preposition
Linda Brummett     9

1994 Visiting Scholar
Clio Meets Elijah at the Family History Center
Laurel Thatcher Ulrich     16

Scriptural Texts as Literature
The Original Language of the Book of Mormon: Upstate New York Dialect, King James English, or Hebrew?
Royal Skousen     24

Taste and Feast: Images of Eating and Drinking in the Book of Mormon
Richard Dilworth Rust 32

The Ineffable Made Effable: Rendering Joseph Smith’s First Vision as Literature
Richard H. Cracroft 38

Mormon Fiction
Ghosts and Outsiders: Mormon Writers Playing in the Dark
Eugene England 58

Maurine Whipple and the Grand Idea
Veda Tebbs Hale 70

Form and Content: Establishing the Printing Text for Maurine Whipple: The Lost Works
Lavina Fielding Anderson 79

Where Nothing Is Long Ago: Memories of Virginia Sorensen Waugh
Shirley Brockbank Paxman 86

Kindly Ironic Vision in Richard Scowcroft’s Novels
Glen J. Wiese 96

The Deseret Book Book: Lindsey Phillip Dew, Jack Weyland, and Carroll Hofeling Morris
Harlow Soderborg Clark 112

Strange Love: The stories of Phyllis Barber
Helen B. Cannon 127

Drama, Poetry, and the Essay
Whither Mormon Drama: Look First to the Theater
Eric Samuelsen 137

Polly and Katy: Mormon Feminists Take the stage
Nola D. Smith 145

Heart of My Father: C. Thomas Asplund, A Retrospective
Marni Asplund-Campbell 152

Life Transitions in the Poetry of Clinton F. Larson
Ellen Bonelli Pace 163

The Lyric Body in Emma Lou Thayne’s Things Happen
Lisa Orme Bickmore 183

When Are We Taking Ourselves Too seriously? Elouise Bell’s Humor
Patricia T. Coleman 192

Autobiography and Biography
Wanderings and Wanderings: contemporary Autobiographical Theory and the Personal Essay ҬValerie Holladay 197

S. Dilworth Young: His Life in Words
Benson Y. Parkinson 205

From Walden Pond to the Great Salt Lake: Ecobiography and Engendered Species Acts in Walden and Refuge
Cecilia Konchar Farr and Phillip A. Snyder 214

Refuge as Extinction: The Victory of Fear and Death Over Courage and Faith
Neal W. Kramer 226

Is There Refuge in the Text?: Narrator and Reader in Terry Tempest Williams’s Memoir
Thomas G. Plummer 237

Contemporary critical Explorations
“P.S. The Slimy One on the Right”: Remarks on Bombastic criticism
Harlow Soderborg Clark 247

Criticizing Mormon Culture or Whatever Happened to Good Will?
Neal W. Kramer 257

Faithful and Ambiguous Fiction: Can Weyland and Whipple Dance Together in the House of Fiction?
John Bennion 269

The Mormon Fiction Mission
Tessa Meyer Santiago 283

How to Be a Mormo-American; Or, The Function of Mormon criticism at the Present Time
Michael Austin 293

Personal Essays
Thoughts of a Former Feminist
Sally T. Taylor 309

Pro-Choice? But What Are We Choosing? One Woman’s View
Mae Blanch 322

Descent from Certitude
Doris R. Dant 325


The Moral Imagination
Susan Elizabeth Howe 1

Citation Honoring Wayne C Booth 7

Why Do Mormon Writers Find It So Hard to Climb Parnassus?
Wayne C Booth 8

The Vocation of a Mormon Teacher
Neal W. Kramer 20

Keeping Company with Wayne Booth: Ethical Responsibility and the Conduct of Mormon Criticism
Gideon Burton 27

“Easy to Be Enueated”: Modern Dogma and the Rhetoric of Assent and Christian Communication
Grant Boswell 36

Mormon Postmodernism: Worlds Without End in Young’s Salvador and Card’s Lost Boys
Robert Bird 41

Terry Tempest Williams’s Refoge: Sentimentality and Separation
Laura L. Bush 46

Creating Zion: Why Write in the Household of Faith
MaryJan Gay Munger 55

Consistency Through Inconsistency: The Literature of Mormon Polygamy
Cheri Pray Earl 60

The Emergence of Mormon Religious Studies and Mormon Regional Studies: Their Significance for Mormon Letters
Eric Alden Eliason 66

The Boon: A Temporary Summing Up
Marden J Clark 74

Ramona Wilcox Cannon as Woman and Writer
Ariel Clark Silver 82

From Grear Britain to the Great Salt Lake: The Poetry of Edward Lennox Sloan
David E. Sloan 89

Eros in LDS Life and Literature: A Panel with B. W. Jorgensen, Karin Anderson England, and Margaret Blair Young 96

The Song of Songs and the Mormon Blues
B. W. Jorgensen 96

Narrative, Community, and Intimacy
Karin Anderson England 103

Monks, Missionaries, and Eros
Margaret Blair Young 106

When Mormon Literature Becomes “Mormon”: A Panel 111
Genteel Mutterings
Marni Asplund-Campbell 111

The Provo Window: Late Night Thoughts on the Purposes of Art and the Decline of a University
Scott Abbott 112

Violence and Aesthetics
Susan Elizabeth Howe 116

Losing My Life in the Story
B. W. Jorgensen 118

Moral to Read, Moral to Write
Brian Evenson 121

Panel Discussion 123

The Struggle for Mormon Literature
Brian Evenson 127
“Killing Cats” 132
“Blessing the Dog” 134

“I Do Remember How It Smelled Heavenly”: Mormon Aspects of May Swenson’s Poetry
Susan Elizabeth Howe 138

Knowing the Poetry First: A Response
Paul Swenson 146


Introduction vi

Mormon Literature in Cyberspace: The New Frontier
Robert M. Hogge 1

Honorary Life Membership Presented to Gerald N. Lund 6

The Gospel and the Creative Arts
Gerald N Lund 7

Re-Storying the Restorarion: Lund’s The Work and the Glory Saga and the Historical Novel
Richard H Cracroft 18

Gerald N Lund 25

KUSHNER AMONG THE MORMONS ҬCasserole Myth: Religious Morif and Inclusivity in Angels in America
John-Charles Duffy 27

Theology for the Approaching Millennium: Angels in America, Activism, and the American Religion
Michael S. Austin 34

Sea-Changed Iconography: Tony Kushner’s Use and Abuse of Mormon Images and Traditions in Angels in America
Sandra Ballif Straubhaar 41

Through a Glass Darkly: Mormons as Perceived by Critics’ Reviews of Tony Kushner’s Angels in America
Daniel Stout, Joseph D. Straubhaar, and Gail Andersen Newbold 46

Renegotiating Scylla and Charybdis: A New Look at Insider and Outsider Stereotypes of Mormonism
John Bennion 59

Undefining “Faithful Fiction” (The Sophic Stranger Rides Again) (With[out] His Evil Twin)
B. W. Jorgensen 67

Utah Women Writers and the Utah Renaissance: The Geography of the Heart Patricia Truxler Coleman 76

Mary Bennion Powell: Polygamy and Silence
John Bennion 81

Toward an LDS Aesthetic of the Novel: A Report from the Front Lines
Benson Y Parkinson 89

CRITICAL EXAMINATIONS “¨The Ineffable Made Effable: Rendering Joseph Smith’s First Vision as Literature
Richard H. Cracroft 96

Orson F, Whimey and the Consecration of Poetry
Neal W. Kramer 108

The Example of Virginia Sorensen: Honest Ambivalence and the Mormon Experience
Laurie Illions Rodriguez and Joshua P. Rodriguez 118

Imagining Mormon Marriage, Part I: The Mythic, the Novelistic, and Jack Weyland’s Charly
B. W. Jorgensen 128

Singing with Something Less Than One Accord
Levi S Peterson 156

The Rhetorical Self-Definition of Sister Missionaries, 1930-1970: Oral Histories
Jessie L. Embry 147

‘Untrumpeted and Uneven’: An Introduction to Josephine Spencer, Mormon ‘Authoress’
Kylie Nielson Turley    152

Telling it Slant: Literary Silences and Authenticity in Adolescent Literature
Patricia Truxler Coleman 159

The Perry Scheme of Cognitive and Ethical Growth Applied to Levi Peterson’s “Canyons of Grace”
Veda Tebbs Hale 164

Levi Peterson’s “Grace” and Perry’s Scheme with Bell’s Curves
Marilyn Brown 172

READINGS AND CRITICAL COMMENTARY ҬOrganically Grown Humor: Remarks and Readings from The Unlikely Romance of Kate Bjorkman
Louise Plummer 175

I Have Come to the Whirlwind to Converse with the Father: The Book of Job as a Ceremony of Irony
Harlow Söderborg Clark 182

Feeding Stories to the Lion
Harlow Söderborg Clark 188


Introduction vi

Maps and Addresses
MaryJan Gay Munger 1

Jots and Titters: An Introduction to Mormon Humor
Richard H. Cracraft 7

You Stole My Life and I Hate You
Kathryn H. Kidd 8

Remodeling the Tract Homes of Heaven: Observations of a Second-rate Carpenter
Robert F. Smith 12

Scaring the Hell Out of People
Robert Kirby 15

A Bibliography of Mormon Humor: or, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Eternal Life
Richard H. Cracroft 19

The Book of Mormon as Epic
Richard Dilworth Rust 24

The Art of Nephite Narrative
Mark D. Thomas 30

The Book of Mormon and Literature
Karl C. Sandberg 40

LDS SCIENCE FICTION ҬA New Mormon Battalion: The Rise of Speculative Fiction Among Mormon Writers
Scott Parkin 44

The Individual vs. the Zion Community: An Empirical Look at the Dichotomy in Mormon SF
Lee Allred 47

Mormon Folklore: Grammar for a Discourse Community
William A. (Bert) Wilson 54

Settlement Folk Ideas: Stories of the Mormons’ Move West
Jessie Embry and William A. (Bert) Wilson 58

Practice Makes Perfect: A Twenty-Year Overview of Creative Dates and Invitations
Kristi A. Bell 69

Spirit Possession in Brazil: A Folklore Study
Adam Nebeker 73

I Taught People-Or Should Have
Marden J. Clark 84

Opening the Door: A Personal Reflection on Sunstone
John Sillito 88

To a Grandmother
Russell Burrows 92

Ancestral Lives
Craig J. Oberg 97

My Mother, Poet of Experience
Mikel Vause 100

Electric Talk: Twenty Months of AML-List
Benson Parkinson 106


PRESIDENTIAL ADDRESS ҬArt and Advocacy: Politics and Monnon Letters
Neal W. Kramer 1

The Viper on the Hearth
Eric A. Eliason, Neal W. Kramer, Richard Ouellette, Jana K. Riess, Terryl Givens 9

The Works of Terry Tempest Williams
Jana K. Remy, Eugene England, Phillip Synder, Susan Howe, Scott Parkin 28

Many Mansions: LDS Genre Fiction in and out of the Mormon Market
Lee Allred, Pat Birkedahl, Scott Bronson, Thorn Duncan 39

Liminality and Disruption: Cody Judy, Gadianton, and a Willing Sustaining of Belief
Nola D. Smith 47

The Vision of the Cowboy Jesus Ten Years Later
Levi S. Peterson 56

“A Representative Woman”: President Mrs. Kimball and a Rhetoric of Deseret
Janelle M. Higbee 63

A Voice Unheard: Reflections on the Poetry of Florence Bale
Eric Samuelsen 72

“Let Your Light So Shine”: Dean Hughes and the Monnonisms in His Fiction
Gabi Kupitz 80

Light and Delight
Harlow Sbderborg Clark 87

Nebuchadnezzar Grazed by Daniel’s God
Harlow Soderburg Clark 95

Sanpete County Humor: The Tales and the Tellers
Edward A. Geary 101

A Man Caught in the Middle: J. Golden Kimball as a Transitional Figure in Monnon History and Folklore
Eric A. Eliason 112

And the Bishop Only Laughed: Intellectuality, Irreverence, and Light Mindedness in Neal Chandler’s Anti-Hero Damon Boulder
Helynne H. Hansen 118

Ann Edwards Cannon Takes On Motherhood, Martha Stewart, and Marriage
Patricia Truxler Coleman 124

More Manic Mantic Monnon Antics: Recent Trends in Mormon Literary Humor
Sherlene Hall Bartholomew 129

Other papers given during this annual meeting were:
The Land Nobody Wanted: Mormonism’s Lost Generation and the Making of the Mormon Culture Region
John L. Needham

Joseph Smith, Going Like a Lamb to the Slaughter? A Counterview from the Poetry of Times and Seasons.
Bethany Ann Clawson

Paul Cox delivered the visiting writer’s address but did not speak from a text.


Girl in Transition: An Authentic Mormon
Marilyn Brown

Expressing Faith: A Literary Legacy
Chieko N Okazaki 9

A History of the Association for Mormon Letters Literary Awards
Gideon 0. Burton 19

A Historical Survey of LDS Fiction: The Lee Library Collection
Connie Lamb and Robert S. Means 29

Imagining Mormon Marriage, Part 2: Toward a “Marriage Group” of Contemporary Mormon Stories
B. W Jorgensen 37

“The Holy Cords Too Intrinse to Unloose”: Mormon Families in Life and Fiction
Bruce W Young with Remarks by Margaret Blair Young 53

LDS Picture-Book Authors and Illustrators Publishing in the National Market
Rick Walton 65

Then and Now: A Survey of Mormon Young Adult Writers
Jesse S. Crisler and Chris Crowe 73

Emerson as Radical Restorationist
John-Charles Duffy 81

Virginia Sorensen’s A Little Lower Than the Angels and John A. Widtsoe: A Lesson in Literary History
Susan Elizabeth Howe 87

“Unto The Third and Fourth Generations”: The Influence and Communinty of Families in Virginia Sorensen’s The Evening and the Morning
Kelly Thompson 95

The Inner Other: Sharing Testimony through Personal Experiences
Kristen Allred 103

Louise Plummer: Local Grasshopper Makes Good
Anne Billings 109

Job Revisited: Discussion of a Tim Slover Story
Cherry B. Silver 113

Writing Dixie: Marilyn Arnold’s Desert Trilogy
Douglas D. Alder 119

God-Finding in the Twenty-First Century: Alan Rex Mitchell’s Angel of the Danube and John Bennion’s Falling toward Heaven
Richard H Cracroft 125

The Last American Refuge of Religious Literature: Card and Science Fiction
Valerie Buck 137

Pastwatch: The Redemption of Orson Scott Card
Eugene England 143

The Lost Tribes of Mormon Science Fiction Literature: Battlestar Galactica in Books and Comics
Ivan A. Wolft 157

Socrates Stretched on Ion’s Racke
Harlow Soderborg Clark 165

Sunstone Magazine and Twenty Years of Contemporary Mormon Poetry
Susan Elizabeth Howe 171


Presidential Address
Our Mormon Renaissance
Gideon O. Burton

Friday Sessions
Keynote Address
The Place of Knowing
Emma Lou Thayne 9

The Tragedy of Brigham City: How a Film about Morality Becomes Immoral
Michael Minch 23

The Novelization of Brigham City: An Odyssey
Marifyn Brown 29

Pious Poisonings and Saintly Slayings: Creating a Mormon Murder Mystery Genre
Lavina Fielding Anderson 35

Murder Most Mormon: Swelling the National Trend (Part II): Conspiring to Commit
Paul M. Edwards, read by Tom Kimball 39

God and Man in The Miracle Life of Edgar Mint
Bradley D. Woodworth 43

Brady Udall, the Smart-Ass Deacon
Mary L. Bingham Lee 47

Egypt and Israel versus Germany and Jews: Comparing Margaret Blair Young’s Home without Walls to the Bible
Nichole Sutherland 53

Stone Tables: Believable Characters in Orson Scott Card’s Historical Fiction
Holly King

Out of the Mouth of Babes: An Analysis of Orson Scott Card’s Use of Dialogue in Ender’s Game
Casey Vanderhoef 61

Subversion and Containment in Xenocide
Daniel Muhlestein 65

Saturday Sessions
Keynote Address
Art and Soul: Lessons from Willa Cather for Mormon Writers, Critics, and Audiences
Marilyn Arnold 75

“I Write Personal Essays to Save My Soul”: The Sermonic Roots of Eugene England’s Literary Voice
Travis Manning 85

Bridging the Divide: Writing about the Spirit for the National Young Adult Market
Kimberley Heuston 97

Real Life, Who Needs It?: Real World Influences on the Writing of Young Adult Fiction
Randall Wright 101

Defiling the Hands with a Holy Book: Future of Book of Mormon Scholarship
Mark Thomas 109

Cities of Refuge
Harlow S. Clark 115

Gathering in Nauvoo: Remembrances of the Lofgren Family
Elizabeth Mangum 123

Sister Bean and Satan’s Power: A Look at Contemporary LDS Legends
Ronda Walker 129

Mormon Women Writers and the Healing Power of Truth
Kelly A. Thompson 135

Wallace Stegner’s Gathering of Zion: Creating a Usable Mormon Past
Jennifer Minster Asay 141

Telling the Truth: Teaching Creative Writing to LDS Students
Jack Harrell 145

The Cultural Shaping of American LDS Women
Jacqueline Thursby 151

Questing I, Altogether Other, or Both? Three Poems and a Prose Bit on Nature
Patricia Gunter Karamesines 167

My Big Fat Greek Wedding as a Model for LDS Filmmakers
Eric Samuelsen 173

“Dangerous Questions Affecting Closer Interests”: Subversion and Containment in “The Senator from Utah”
Kylie Turley 179

A Mind-Body-Spirit Assault: The True Antagonist in The Giant Joshua
Michelle Ernst 187

Holiness Emerging from My Mouth
Jacqueline Osherow 191

Writing Religion from a Christian Perspective
David McGrynn 193

The Power of Parables
Sarah Read 197

The Threat of Mormon Cinema
Gideon O. Burton 199

Also presented but not submitted for publication were: ҬThe Mormon Literature Database
Gideon Burton, Connie Lamb, Robert Means, and Larry Draper

A Spycho-Social Evaluation of Edgar Mint
Charles I. Woodworth

16 thoughts on “Something for the community Part II: 1995-2004”

  1. Thanks, Kent.

    I need to read this for something I’m working on:

    Orson F. Whimey and the Consecration of Poetry
    Neal W. Kramer

    Maybe I can’t get someone in Provo to track it down for me.

  2. Oh, hey — I have the annuals for 2001 and 2003. I’ll type up their TOCs when I get the chance.

  3. Probably. The inter-library loan for my county library system has been flaky, but part of that may have been the system merger.

    And than can’t should obviously be a can in the first comment.

  4. Does your employer do ILL? (Traditional universities have pretty powerful ILL resources, but I don’t know what your situation is.) Alternately, you could explain your situation and request a copy directly from HBLL special collections. (You’ll probably have to mail them a check for photocopying and postage, but that should be the biggest hassle, on your end. Our special collections department photocopies things for random people all the time.)

    Or you could find someone in Provo to track it down for you–I’m just saying that librarians are generally happy to oblige. 🙂

  5. This is really cool. I can see 2001 & 2003 are missing. I have a copy of them somewhere, I’m sure.

    Also, my name is misspelled in the 2002 annual. But no worries. Usually, people leave off the “e” at the end, so it’s interesting to see a misspelling I’ve never seen before.

  6. AML Annual 2003

    President Address
    Elegant Angst: Mining the Treasures of Mormon Personal Essays
    Cherry B. Silver 1

    The Quest of Essences as an Archaic Religious Quest: Terry Tempest Williams’s Interrogation of Faith, Art and Earthly Life in Leap
    Neila C. Seshachari 7

    Tension of the Opposites: John Bennion’s Falling Toward Heaven
    Gae Lyn Henderson 15

    Mormoniad: The Book of Mormon as Proto-Epic
    Peter J. Sorensen 21

    Great Plots Leap over Many a Tightrope
    Lael Littke 35

    Saturday’s Warriors: Winning the Popular Market
    Doug Stewart 39

    Saturday’s Warriors: The Pioneering Art of the Mormon Ethos
    Noreen Astin 43

    Serpents in Our Midst: What Brigham City Tells Us about Ourselves
    John-Charles Duffy 53

    Stuck Somewhere before the Golden Age: The Two LDS Science Fiction Markets
    Ivan A. Wolfe 59

    Mark Twain, Polygamy, and the Origin of an American Motif
    Eric A. Eliason 67

    Mapping Manifest Destiny: The Paintings of Lucile Cannon Bennion
    John Serge Bennion 73

    “I Love You.” Invitation or Demand?: Revelatory Marriage Proposals in Mormon Fiction
    Gae Lyn Henderson 81

    Strong Enough to Face the Dark
    Carolyn Campbell 89

    What the Mormon Audience Wants: Telling Our Story with Stories
    Lawrence Flake 95

    Walking the Tightrope: Mormon Audiences
    Tyler Moulton, moderator, Chris Bigelow, Terry Jeffress, Marilyn Arnold, Jerry Johnston, and Margaret Blair Young 99

    AML Annual Meeting held March 2, 2002, at Westminster College

    Also presented but not submitted for publication was [Wm adds — the most interesting sounding title out of the whole lineup] “The Critical Divide: Where and Why Mormon Literary Criticism Needs a National Audience” by Gideon O. Burton

  7. AML Annual 2000

    Presidential Address
    Heart, Mind, and Soul: The Power of Mormon Letters
    Neal W. Kramer

    Visiting Scholar Lecture
    The Colonization of the Mormon Mind
    Richard Lyman Bushman

    The Power of Epideitic Narratives: Mormons Learn How to Behave and Who to Be
    Robbyn Thompson Scribner

    Esther Ann and Me: An Essay into Boundaries
    John Bennion

    “Enlarge The Meditation upon This Great World”: Thoughts on an Ecology of Meditation
    Brandie R. Siegfried

    Reflections and Deflections: Austin and Alta Fife and Mormon Ethnography
    David A. Allred

    When Athens and Jerusalem Meet: How a Mormon Should Read “Whole Other Bodies”
    Karalyn Durland

    A Most Remarkable Work: R. Paul Cracroft’s A Certain Testimony: A Mormon Epic
    Richard Y. Thurman

    The Unerasable Mormonism of Lance Larsen’s Erasable Walls
    Gideon Burton

    It’s Like a Ferris Wheel Ride: Jack Weyland and Contemporary LDS Courtship Traditions
    Kristi Bell

    Samuel Woolley Taylor: Mormon Literary Maverick
    Richard H. Cracroft

    Those Who Hunger and Thirst After Writeousness
    Harlow Söderborg Clark

    A Gathering of Mormon Poets
    Robert A. Christmas

    A Gathering of Mormon Poets
    My Quest for the Poetic: A Reading and Commentary
    Robert M. Hogge

    A Gathering of Mormon Poets
    Selected Poems
    Scott Samuelson

    Desert Phoenix
    Janet Garrard Willis

  8. AML Annual 2001

    Presidential Address
    “All Is Well in Zion”? Publishing Among the Gentiles
    John Bennion

    The Adventures of Irreantum Magazine
    Christopher K. Bigelow

    Traditions of LDS Publishing
    Gideon O. Burton

    “There’s a Multitude of Children All Around”: Children’s and Young Adult Fiction in the Mormon Literary Tradition
    Sharlee Mullins Glenn, Rick Walton, Carol Lynch Williams, and Dean Hughes

    National Trends in Poetry
    Lisa Bickmore

    National Christian Fiction and Publishing: Have Latter-day Saints Been Left Behind?
    Gideon O. Burton

    “Your Grandma Makes Green Jell-O Salad, Too?”: The Rhetorical Function of Mormon Humor
    Anne Billings

    “Is There No Blessing for Me?”: The Relentless Jane Manning James
    Margaret Blair Young

    “Woman, Arise!” Political Work in the Writings of Lu Dalton
    Sheree Maxwell Bench

    Whipple’s The Giant Joshua: The Greatest But Not the Great Mormon Novel
    Eugene England

    She, Clory, Had a Testimony, and a Great Smile
    Harlow Söderborg Clark

    Remedying Race and Religious Prejudice Through Spiritual Autobiography: Wyneta Willis Martin’s Black Mormon Tells Her Story
    Laura Bush

    The Mantle of the Poet: Reappraising Clinton F. Larson
    Kevin Klein

    Landscapes of Seduction: Terry Tempest William’s Desert Quartet and the Biblical Song of Songs
    Boyd Petersen

    Austen’s Granddaughter: Louise Plummer Re(de)fines Romance
    John Bennion

    The “Mormon Magical Realism” of Phyllis Barber: Parting the Veil with Folkloric Literature
    Eric A. Eliason

    Traditional Misperceptions of Zion: John Milton and the Crystal City in Hatrack River
    Marilyn Brown

    Not Another Orson Scott Card Paper: Elizabeth Boyer and Leonard Tourney
    Ivan A. Wolfe

    Projecting the Other: The “Mormon Question” in Harry Turtledove’s How Few Remain
    Lee Allred

    Anne Perry’s Tathea: A Preliminary Consideration
    Richard H. Cracroft

    Many Pondered: The Power of Mother’s Narratives
    Kristi Bell

    Stories Worth Telling?
    Harlow Söderborg Clark

  9. Thanks, Kent. 2001 looks like a particularly interesting year. And since that is one of the few that I actually have, I’ll have to page through it at some point now that my annuals are actually unpacked and on the shelf.

  10. I completed adding all of the items to Zotero. Those who want the list of these items in a database format can download them by simply signing up for Zotero (if they haven’t already) installing the Firefox (or other browser) plugin, and exporting the information to the format they wish. You can also generate reports in any of many, many standard bibliographic formats.

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