Something for the community Part I: 1978-1994

I got tired of waiting, so I guess I should admit that this is as much for me as for anyone else. But I do think that this will benefit others studying Mormon literature.

I’m posting below the tables of contents of (many of) the AML Annuals.

IMO, this has been a bit of a hole, something that keeps those of us who aren’t able to easily get to BYU, or to one of the few libraries that have copies of the annuals, from knowing what is in them, and from being sure that whatever we happen to be writing hasn’t already been covered by someone else. [Of course, I’m probably acting too big for my britches here, but I’m quite sure this will be useful.]

This doesn’t seem to be everything. I didn’t get copies of several of the annuals because I have copies at home in NYC, and plan to get the contents when I get home. I’ll try to remember to post those contents when I get them. The other years are simply not in BYU’s library – either the AML didn’t do an annual those years, or BYU’s library didn’t get copies. If you happen to have copies of any of the missing years, I’d be glad to add the contents from anything you can provide (such as a scan of the contents pages).

I hope to also make these available as references on Zotero, and make them available to the MCLA and anyone else who wants them. I’ll post a comment when they are in the database.

Here’s what I have:



Truth and Consequences: The Identity Crisis in Missionary Fiction
Lavina Fielding Anderson     1

Claude T. Barnes, Utah Naturalist
Davis Bitton     9

The Moral Measure of Literature
Stephen L. Tanner     35

Freshet in the Dearth: Samuel W. Taylor’s Heaven Knows Why and Mormon Humor
Richard H. Cracroft     43

Folklore in The Giant Joshua
William Wilson       57

Element and Glory: Reflections and Speculations on the Mormon Verbal Imagination
Bruce W. Jorgensen     65

The Psalm of Nephi: A Lyric Reading
Steven P. Sondrup     79

Voices of Conflict: The Literature of Mormon Sisterism
Chris Rigby Arrington     95

Some Thoughts on Mormon Literature and the Mormon Sense of Sacred Space
Neal Lambert     107

“All Things Which Have Been Given of God … Are the Typifying of Him”: Typology in the Book of Mormon
Richard Dilworth Rust     113

The Process of Living: C.S. Lewis as a ‘Guide of the Perplexed’
William Clayton Kimball     121


Foreword v

Obedience, Integrity, and the Paradox of Selfhood
Eugene England

The Civilizing of Mormondom: The Indispensable Role of the Mormon Intellectual
Levi S. Peterson      19

The Didactic Heresy as Orthodox Tool: B. H. Roberts As Writer of Home Literature
Richard H. Cracroft  32

Paradox and Tragedy in Mormonism
Marden J. Clark  45

Joseph Smith and the Tragic Quest
Eugene England  55

The Possibility of Mormon Tragedy
Steven P. Sondrup  72

Toward a More Perfect Order Within: Being the Confession of an Unregenerate but Not Unrepentant Mistruster of Mormon Literature
Marden J. Clark  80

Lehi’ s Dream: An American Apocalypse
Mark Thomas  92

“[ALMOST] ALL IS WELL”: Thematic Sophistication as an Index of Quality in LDS Student Stories
Elouise Bell  99

An Alternative to Traditional Criticism “¨James E. Faulconer  111

Moral Criticism: Lessons from China “¨Stephen Durrant  125

Grace and Isolation: A Thematic Examination of Eileen Kump’s Bread and Milk and Other Stories
Gloria L. Cronin  133



Foreword      v

The Assimilation of Mormon History: Modern Mormon Historical Novels
Lavina Fielding Anderson  1

A “Smaller Canvas” of the Mormon Short Story Since 1950
Bruce W. Jorgensen  10

The Ambiguous Myth of the Wilderness: A Comparative Study of Two Published Versions of “Road to Damascus” by Levi Peterson
Gloria Cronin  32

Thayer’s Ode to a Redtail Hawk
Eugene England  42

Mormon Letters–The Other Kind
Irene M. Bates  54

Privileged Criteria in Literary Evaluation
Brien D. Ward  64

Making a Mormon of Milton
John S. Tanner  70

Singing Praise: The LDS and RLDS Hymnals
Karen Lynn  84

Being Happy: An Exercise in Spiritual Autobiography
Lavina Fielding Anderson  89

But My Truth is Truer Than Your Truth: Cognitive Dissonance in Religion and Drama
Chris Conkling 103

Mormon’s Literary Technique
Susan Taber  117

At the Huntington: The Overland Diaries of Eliza R. Snow
Maureen Ursenbach Beecher  126

Are Women More Free Under the Patriarchy? The Evidence of Mormon Literature
Eugene England  131


Foreword      v

History into Fiction
Margaret R. Munk      1

Who Shapes Oral Narrative: A Functionalist and Psychosocial Examination of the Lore of Two Mormon Female Tale-Tellers
Gloria L. Cronin     12

Crying “Change” in a Permanent World: A Look at Contemporary Writings of Mormon Women on Motherhood
Linda P. Wilcox

Scottish Mormon Immigrants and the Muse: Verses from the Dust
Frederick S. Buchan 36

Fued and Fun: Humor in the Poetry of John Lyon
Ted Lyon 59

Book of Mormon Imagery
Richard Dilworth Rust 77

Levi Peterson’s “Road to Damascus” and the Language of Grace
Steven P. Sondrup 87

The Willing Captive: A Study of Freedom in Recent Mormon Fiction
Vernon Jensen 102

The Literary Image of the Mormon Colonies in Mexico
Edward A. Geary 111

Measuring the Achievement of the New LDS Hymnal
Karen Lynn 124

Some Popular Non-Mormon Books Read by Mormons before 1900
Edward L. and Eleanor C. Hart 129

Looking through the Glass Darkly: Early British Perceptions of Mormonism
Thomas R. Burton 141

Making the “Good” Good for Something: A Direction for Mormon Literature
Lavina Fielding Anderson 150


Foreword v

Of Mormon Poesy: An Essay
Edward A. Geary  1

Writing: The Most Hazardous Craft
Edward L. Hart  8

Nephi, Seer of Modern Times: The Home Literature Novels of Nephi Anderson
Richard H Cracraft 12

A Modern Stigma: “Cobwebs” “¨Veda Tebbs Hale 23

A Distant Influence: Tum Again Home “¨Herbert Harker  30

Romantic Lyric Form and Western Mormon Experience in Douglas Thayer’s “Under Cottonwoods” and “Opening Day”
Bruce W. Jorgensen  37

Perceptions of the Mormons in Science Fiction: The Writings of Robert A. Heinlein
Bruce and Julie Westergren  49

1994, Volume I

Of Hymns, Herbert, and the Aesthetics of Faith
John S. Tanner 1

The Power of the Word
William A. Wilson 8

AML: Unlikely Skirmisher in the Battle of the Books
Levi S. Peterson 15

To Tell and Hear Stories: Let the Stranger Say
Bruce W. Jorgensen 19

Attuning the Authentic Mormon Voice: Stemming the Sophie Tide in LDS Literature
Richard H. Cracraft 34

Virginia Sorensen as the Founding Foremother of the Mormon Personal Essay
Eugene England 44

The Strength and Weaknesses of Virginia Sorensen’s On This Star
Linda Berlin 51

Joseph and His Brothers: Rivalry in Virginia Sorensen’s On This Star
Edward A. Geary 57

Mercy, Zina, and Kate: Virginia Sorensen’s Strong Women in a Man’s Society
LuDene Dallimore 63

Women Together: Kate Alexander’s Search for Self in The Evening and the Morning
Grant T. Smith 68

Sacrifice to the Proper Gods
Jacqueline C. Barnes 78

In Search of Women’s Language and Feminist Expression Among Nauvoo Wives in A Little Lower Than the Angels
Helynne H. Hansen 84

“Little Books” from a Large Soul: The Private Poetry of Virginia Sorensen
Susan Elizabeth Howe 91

Virginia Sorensen: Literary Recollections from a Thirty-five Year Friendship
Mary Lythgoe Bradford 97

Overworked Stereotypes or Accurate History? Images of Polygamy in The Giant Joshua
Jesse L. Embry 105

Whatever Happened to Maurine Whipple?
Katherine Ashton 114

The Promise Is Fulfilled: Literary Aspects of John D. Fitzgerald’s Novels
Audrey M. Godfrey 120

Realizing “A Personal and Possessed Past”: Mormon Community and Values in Wallace Stegner’s Recapitulation
Richard H. Cracroft 124

Clarice Short: Earthly Academic
Emma Lou Thayne 132

Madwomen in the Mormon Attic: A Feminist Reading of Saturdafs Wamor and Reunion
Nola D. Smith 139

“A Usually Dazzling World”: The Poetic Mormon Humanism of Emma Lou Thayne
Richard H. Cracroft 145

1994, Volume II

Levels of Perception in Michael Fillerup’s Visions and Other Stories
Robert M. Hogge 154

Embracing the Other: The Beloved Alien and Other Ethical Fictions of Orson Scott Card
Mick McAllister 158

A Look at Contemporary Mormon Poetry: One Harvester’s Opinion
MaryJan Gay Munger 166

Franklin Fisher’s Bones: The Effaced Identity of the Mormon Missionary
Joe Peterson 171

Letters from Exile: Plural Marriage from the Perspective of Manha Hughes Cannon
John Sillito and Constance L. Lieber 177

Feminine Voices in the Works of Juanita Brooks
Karin Anderson England 183

In Rims of Praise: The Songs of Zion
Jean AnneWaterstradt 190

“And There Was … a New Writing”: The Book of Mormon as a Never-Ending Text
Neal E. Lambert 196

“After Ye Have Received So Many Witnesses”: Symbolic Action in Alma 32-34
Keith H. Lane 201

Liminality in the Book of Mormon
Richard Dilworth Rust 207

Abridging the Records of the Zoramite Mission: Mormon as Historian
Steven L. Olsen 212

Telling It Slant: Aiming for Truth in Contemporary Mormon Literature
William Mulder 216

Towards a Mormon Criticism: Should We Ask “Is This Mormon Literature?”
Gideon O. Burton 227

“Though Like the Wanderer”: Outside the Group in Mormon Short Fiction
Derk Michael Koldewyn 234

Reading Mormon Stories: An Ethical Dilemma?
Neal W. Kramer 239

Toward a Theory of Literary Value: The Necessity of Bearing Personal Testimony
Harlow Soderborg Clark 246

In the Territory of Irony
Harlow Soderborg Clark 256

Doubt and the Desert
John Bennion 263

Risk and Terror
John S. Harris 270

Drinking, and Flirting with the Mormon Church
Marian Nelson 275

Men and Women and Love
Robert A. Rees 282

Domesticity and the Call to Art: A Panel
Julie J. Nichols
Gail Newbold ҬLisa Ortne Bickmore ҬMargaret Blair Young
Bruce W. Jorgensen 284

Confronting the Personal Voice: Ethics and the Personal Essay in Technical Writing
Karin Anderson England 297

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  1. This is great, Kent. Thanks for posting these TOC’s. I’m going to be requesting lots of ILL’s from this list in the very near future…

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