The evolution of Irreantum (spine edition)

This is every issue of Irreantum but one (and only in rough chronological order). Plus the last four AML Annuals that were published:


click here for a larger version of the photo

I finally unpacked the box with all my older copies of Irreantum and found a shelf for the entire print run. At some point I’ll put them in strict chronological order and also figure out which one I’m missing and see if I can track down a copy.

2 thoughts on “The evolution of Irreantum (spine edition)”

  1. William, I couldn’t get to the larger version, Flickr says it is private.

    I was hoping to review what you have to see if I’ve got everything or not.

  2. So it does. That’s very annoying. I’ve checked out all the privacy settings and made it public. I don’t know why the larger version is obscured. But I do plan on doing a slideshow with all the front covers so that would make things easier to review.

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