Vuissa, Sweater Friends, Mormon Media Studies, and Amri’s finds

It’s time for another links roundup:

Vuissa: LDS Film Festival founder Christian Vuissa is featured in the Summer 2010 issue of Marriott Alumni Magazine (HT

Sweater Friends: Mormon singer-songwriter duo The Sweater Friends have been blogging about their new album-in-the-making The Ghost and The Guest. They will be playing June 25 at the Utah Arts Festival.

Mormon Media Studies: Papers and panel proposals for BYU’s Mormon Media Studies Symposium are due June 30. The symposium will be held Nov. 11-12.

Amri’s Finds: So my cousin Amri Brown (who most of you may know as a BCC blogger) sent me a couple of Mormon-art-related links recently. Not that neither she nor I are necessarily endorsing these, but she (and now I) thought they might be of interest 1) Photographer Zachary Taylor’s portfolio of portraits of Mormon Ex-Convicts 2) The book trailer for Mike Wilson’s new novel Zombie (Amri says that Mike is an Argentine author who lives in Chile and that he was born and raised LDS).

4 thoughts on “Vuissa, Sweater Friends, Mormon Media Studies, and Amri’s finds”

  1. Oh yeah. This is what I get for churning out a quick links post. But that gave us a chance to promote Mormon Artist again so it’s a win for all!

  2. Despite the Mormon Media Studies theme, I don’t see and papers dealing with “Time” or “Space”. 🙂

    Oh well, cool convict pictures.

  3. Heh. I decided to not even mention the sub-title of the Mormon Media Studies Symposium because it seems a little diffuse in comparison to the list of topics that the organizes are interested in receiving papers and putting together panels on.

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