Couple-Creators: Annie and Kah Leong Poon


The Poons leaped to the top of my long list of Couple-Creators whom I eventually intend to interview for this series the second I found out Annie was married and to an important photographer. Somehow, the idea that she might be married had never occurred to me (sometimes it seems like all of my favorite artsy Mormon women are single). Then, shortly thereafter, Randy Astle invited me to interview them as part of the special New York edition of Mormon Artist. I said yes.

That article is now up (link) and I hope you will read it. Although it does not appear on AMV, it is still an official part of my Couple-Creators series and besides—they’re just a great coupla artists to know. I’ve been in email contact with Annie for a year or so now and she’s one of the sweetest people I know. Plus she’s a killer animator (the cartoon below is in the MoMA’s permanent collection). And Kah Leong’s photography is always striking. You must visit both their websites (Annie, Kah Leong) and check out the ad campaign they’re working on together (1, 2, 3). But maybe the interview first?

Polaroid International Photography issue 27 - kah leong poon

One thought on “Couple-Creators: Annie and Kah Leong Poon”

  1. And it’s a particularly good entry in the Couple Creators series at that. I especially liked how Annie and Kah Leong spoke about each other’s work and creative processes.

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