Mormon Women’s Literary Tour Starts Monday

Since I’m behind and won’t have my weekly post on the History of Mormon Publishing this week, I thought I’d pass along the news about the Mormon Women’s Literary Tour that starts this coming Monday in California and proceeds to venues in Arizona and Utah through the end of the month.

The tour hopes to explore the place of Mormon women writers in the 21st century through a series of readings at Claremont Graduate University (March 22nd), Arizona State University (March 23rd), Southern Utah University (March 25th), Utah Valley University (March 26th) and the University of Utah (March 27th). It is the brainchild of Dr. Joanna Brooks of San Diego State University and Dr. Holly Welker of Salt Lake City, who want to explore a broad range of Mormon women’s writing, regardless of the writer’s religious tradition within Mormonism.

Organizer Brooks, , a professor of English who is also known on the Internet for her “Ask Mormon Girl” website, says, “This is about creating common ground. We want to create a space for women to share their writing and reflect on what it might mean to be a Mormon woman in the 21st century.”

Participants in the event will include: Susan Scott, Lisa Van Orman Hadley, Joanna Brooks, Holly Welker, Elisa Pulido, Judith Curtis, Whitney Mower, Whitney Nelson, Danielle Dubrasky, Zoe Murdock, Laura Nielsen Baxter, Julie Nichols, Lee Mortenson, Terisa Humiston, Elizabeth Pinborough, Kathryn Lynard Soper, Cassandra Eddington and Angela Sweat Hallstrom.

More information about locations along with biographies of the participants can be found on the Mormon Women Writers blog.

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