Support AMV: Holiday 2009 edition

Many thanks to all of you who have supported AMV since we rolled out the t-shirts and the Amazon affiliates link late last year — it really does help, and we’ve almost covered all my web hosting costs for a full 12 month period. I’ve been getting some deals in my e-mail so I thought I’d go ahead and post them here — I’ll also add more deals as comments to this post as the come in throughout the holiday season. For now, here are the so-called Black Friday deals (although they aren’t confined to Friday this year because retailers are a bit desperate):

Click here for deals (they start now and run through Sunday). If you use that link, AMV receives a small percentage of whatever you spend at during that session. Note that it doesn’t matter if you buy any of the Black Friday deals — you can go straight to searching for something you really want and our affiliate code should stick (but it doesn’t go across browser sessions or if you enter in any other way than by clicking on the above link — or the one at the top of the left column).

AMV T-shirts

Spreadshirt deals: Nov. 27-30 you can receive 25% off all orders over $40. Use the following coupon code during checkout. For the U.S. use CYBER29; For Canada use CADCYBER29.

From now until sometime in December you can receive free shipping on all orders over $50. Use the coupon code FREESHIP1. Canadians can receive $6.99 off of shipping with CADFREESHIP1.

Here are direct links to the three AMV t-shirts: A Motley Vision in Deseret Alphabet | Minerva Teichert Red | The Covertly Geeky “LDS” design


7 thoughts on “Support AMV: Holiday 2009 edition”

  1. Thanks for the Amazon link. Used it this morning without a hitch–and I purchased items off the Black Friday deals lists.

  2. Thanks, Lisa!

    I should add that although I say that the money that comes in through Support AMV goes to paying for web hosting, I am committed to paying for the hosting anyway out of my own pocket — so what I do with the funds that come in is support Mormon arts through journal subscriptions and, should we max out what I pay per year, some Mormon market novels (Irreantum and Dialogue subscriptions come first).

  3. Today only, if you order from Spreadshirt you can get free shipping. Here are the coupon codes to use:


  4. Should you be at a loss of what to give someone for Christmas, Amazon assures me that there’s still time to send a gift card (and, of course, electronic gift cards can be delivered up until Christmas Day. Click here to order. Apparently AMV gets a whopping 6% referral fee out of this (the rate is usually much lower than that).

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