Minerva Teichert Red: New AMV t-shirt

Minerva Red

Click here to view the Minerva Red T-shirts (in black or white with sizes for men, women and children)

Remember Anneke’s awesome post about Minerva Teichert’s use of a particular shade of red and how she and her friend wished it came as a crayon? Well I suggested that it’d make for a great t-shirt, and Anneke, who is a design goddess, came through with a pop-art Minerva Red crayon design. I really like it. I like how it both celebrates and subverts latter-day pop art cute by paying homage to a preeminent, beloved LDS artist and her love for the Savior.

Here’s the link to the AMV Spreadshirt Store where the Minerva Red t-shirts can be purchased. The design is available on either black or white shirts, including three different styles for women and, for the first time — children’s sizes. Proceeds from the sales of Minerva Red products will be split between supporting the hosting costs for A Motley Vision and helping Anneke pay for grad school.

Many thanks to all who have purchased AMV t-shirts so far. One or two more t-shirt purchases and we’ll reach enough sales to pay for this half of the year’s AMV hosting costs.

A special shout out to Gibby who got one for his dad (click through for photographic proof).

Unfortunately, the esoteric way to nonadvertise the fact that you are LDS, e.g. the LDS Deseret Alphabet With the Characters Represented in Hex Code design, didn’t do much for anybody (in spite of the fact that a lot of people clicked through to view the designs). Perhaps it was too esoteric. But just in case it was the t-shirt styles holding you back, I have created additional female styles (slim fit and a modest v-neck version) to that set of shirts (click on the link above) based on feedback from the wife. You can also now get the original A Motley Vision in Deseret Alphabet design in the v-neck style. The wife loves hers — and looks great in it.

As always, stay tuned: we’re on track to roll out a few more quirky, esoteric, totally-Mormon designs over the next six months or so.

12 thoughts on “Minerva Teichert Red: New AMV t-shirt”

  1. I’ll be getting myself a Minerva Red T-shirt as soon as the budget allows.

    I’ve already had tons of questions and admiring comments regarding my fabulous AMV Deseret Alphabet T-shirt, and I’ve only had it for a couple of weeks. It seems to be quite the conversation opener.

  2. Thanks, guys.

    And yeah, it really is, Luisa. I was a bit nervous about my bold anti-advertise rhetoric, but my experience has been the same: those who get up the courage to ask are usually the kind of people that are interested to hear what it’s all about.

  3. By the way:

    I would imagine that most people will choose the black t-shirt option. However, for those who choose the white — based on the digital images on the product it looks like the black line around the crayon is a little pixelated. I have checked the original image file and it doesn’t look that way so I’m pretty sure that that’s just the result of auto-reducing the image file to use in shop. Thus the t-shirt should look fine. If it doesn’t, I hear Spreadshirt is quite good about returns.

  4. I’ve enjoyed the responses I get with the Deseret Alphabet t-shirt, and it’s also leading to interesting ethnographic observations. Reactions range from those of my BYU linguistics professors (“What is A Motley Vision?”) to those of the general Provo populace (“Is that the crazy language that Brigham Young invented?”) to those of totally out-of-the-in-club strangers I meet at the farmers’ market in Missoula, Montana (“Hey, do you speak Tibetan? Peace, sister!”)

    “Ethnographic Observations on Esoteric T-Shirts: a Case Study.” Hmm…. I wonder if I can pass it off as a dissertation topic. I’ll start wearing Minerva Red around and let you know how it goes.

  5. That reminds me: if anyone wants to receive fame and glory for supporting AMV, e-mail me a photo of you wearing one of our t-shirts and I’ll post it to our Flickr account.

  6. Is there sizing information anywhere on the site? (Women’s T-shirt sizes vary widely.)

  7. If you click on a specific t-shirt and bring up the product details page, next to the Size Selection drop down there is a link called “Size Chart.” If you click that link, it pops up a little window that gives actual dimensions for the shirt sizes and sizing suggestions.

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