AMV weekend update

It’s summer. I’m feeling lazy. There’s been a drop in weekend comments. Therefore, Short Story Friday is going on hiatus until after labor day. BUT… when it comes back, it will have some new friends. It’s been a blast focusing on stories, but it’s time for our weekends to include a broader palette — the literati should not live on short fiction alone. So there will be an aforepromised analog to Short Story Friday focusing on poetry (no clever name for that yet — suggestions welcome). And I’m going to start a new series called Weekend (Re)Visitors, which will feature brief posts reflecting on and/or quoting from a novel, film or play. The revisiting will sometimes be one of us looking back at a work we’ve already written about and sometimes be a work that’s new to us, but has already been written about by others.

And while I’m doing administrative announcements: AMV’s webhost recently raised monthly hosting fees. It’s still the cheapest of the reliable webhosts, but that means an extra $10 per year. If you plan on doing any back to school shopping, please consider using our Amazon affiliate link (we get a small percentage of any sales that are made during the shopping session a consumer has after clicking through to Amazon with that link). My last t-shirt design generated a lot of traffic (more than 500 visitors in two days to the AMV Spreadshirt store), but no sales. It was perhaps a bit too geeky and esoteric. I’m going to roll out another design in August so if you want to support AMV, but don’t like the two designs we have so far, don’t buy a pity shirt — wait and see.

2 thoughts on “AMV weekend update”

  1. Thanks, Luisa.

    I wore my A Motley Vision in Deseret Alphabet to our ward’s annual pioneer day fun run and pancake breakfast on the July 25th. It was very cool — not because I got to talk about AMV (although who wouldn’t want to talk about AMV?), but because I got to discuss the Deseret alphabet with several ward members who had never heard of it before. Pioneer Day shouldn’t only be about the members who crossed the plains, imo — we should also take it as an occasion to remember those who helped create the socio-cultural base that helped the Church become what it is today.

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