Short Story Friday: Pioneers by Michael Fillerup

I’m not doing this on this day to be cute or sentimental — this story demands more than that. And deserves it.

Title: Pioneers

Author: Michael Fillerup

Publication Info: Dialogue, Winter 2007

Submitted by: Andrew Hall

Why?: Andrew says: “I like all of Fillerup’s stories.  Nicely descriptive, strong content. His two novels have not worked as well for me.”


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One thought on “Short Story Friday: Pioneers by Michael Fillerup”

  1. I don’t know what to make of that story. Can someone help me see why it is interesting? Cause all I got was a strange mixture of metaphors that didn’t seem to match (pioneer struggles equates with a dying man?), with a heaping pile of LDS cliche and sentiment. I don’t know . . . it read to me like the stories I used to read by my LDS classmates in College: an attempt at literature, without the maturity or any of the depth. Someone please explain it to me. In my mind the story just did not work.

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