Short Story Friday: The Widower by Theric Jepson

Remember how I said that Short Story Friday was going to focus on AMVers for the next few weeks? I meant it. But here’s the thing: we’ve got some excellent short story writers on our team.

Title: The Widower (link is to PDF download)

Author: Eric W. Jepson

Publication Info: Dialogue Wireless, 2007/Dialogue, Summer 2009

Submitted by: Theric Jepson

Why?: “Um, I wrote it?” Yes, he did. I like the part about the second-wife -to-be dressing up as Amelia Bedilia. I’m  a little confused about his kids, though. I’m also jealous because he covers similar ground to what I’m trying to do with my novella, although it’s actually pretty different.


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7 thoughts on “Short Story Friday: The Widower by Theric Jepson”

  1. Interesting. I liked the subject matter a lot, and the characters seemed real. I especially enjoyed the descriptions of Mary. Keep pluggin away at it!!!

  2. .

    Thanks, folks.

    Wm—I get asked about the kids all the time. I wish I knew why it came across so vague….. Me and my stupid poetic soul — that thing’s always getting me into trouble.

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