New t-shirt: The coolest, geekiest, most esoteric way to show you are LDS

View the LDS in Geek speak t-shirts in four different color combos (sizes/styles for men and women)

Direct links: white on blue |  red on gray |  green on black |  black on white


At long last, here is the second in the series of esoteric yet awesome Mormon-themed T-shirt designs that we’re creating to help support the hosting costs for AMV. I’m proud to announce:

LDS (lowercase) in Deseret Alphabet hexadecimal code

Bear with me here as I explain the utter coolness of this concept.

1. Take the letters LDS.

2. Transliterate them in to their Deseret Alphabet characters.

3. Represent those characters as their hexadecimal character in unicode and stack them top to bottom.

4. Choose the lowercase versions of the letters because those particular hex strings look cooler than the uppercase ones.

5. Use the awesome font Singularity by LDS designer, mobile UI guru and font enthusiast Jared Benson.

6. Create four killer color combos for the AMV Spreadshirt store: white on navy, black on white, AMV red* on grey and (my personal favorite) terminal green** on black. And offer both men’s and women’s versions, of course.

THE RESULT = the coolest, geekiest, most esoteric way to sort-of show off your LDS-ness ever (and support AMV at the same time). Convinced or just want to take a look? Click through to the AMV Spreadshirt Store. A few more details after the jump.

Things to Know/Notice:

1. These shirts are priced at $13.40. Because this is a low-design (e.g. typeface but no illustration/photography), non-branded (e.g. not the AMV premium shirts) shirt, I’ve created them using the standard weight t-shirts for men and women. If there is a product you desperately want this design on, e-mail me at: myfirstname AT motleyvision DOT org — no promises, but I’ll see what I can do.

2. I’ve set the commission on these at $3 because, again, this is a low-design, non-branded shirt. AMV receives $2 to help pay for hosting costs (we have a biannual payment of around $30 due in June). The other $1 goes to Jared Benson up to the point that we have enough to buy and ship him a t-shirt. The shirts don’t work without the font*** so it’s the least we can do. HOWEVER, if we can sell three shirts by June 1, then we’ll get a coupon code for one free t-shirt which we can then use to say thanks to Jared and all commission money will go to supporting AMV.

3. If neither this nor the AMV in Deseret Alphabet concept appeals to you, don’t worry because we hope to roll out a couple more very cool concepts/designs over the next year, and I promise that this is the last one that’s Deseret Alphabet themed.

4. Many thanks to whoever recently bought one of the AMV-themed t-shirts. I hope you enjoy it. I love wearing mine. We’ve sold 7 to date.

5. This t-shirt may have more widespread appeal than the AMV-themed one. Please feel free to forward a link to this post or to our Spreadshirt store to anyone who you think might appreciate this particular way of expressing ones ties to Mormonism.

And that’s it for now. More uniquely Mormon t-shirts will be rolled out this summer.

* That is, the same deep red used in the color scheme here at A Motley Vision.

** I’m not kidding here. My brother and I went through all the various terminal programs he had in his various flavors of Linux, and I chose the vivid green that seemed most old school. This one is for all the former Apple IIe users out there.

*** It’s true. I tried the same concept with several other fonts and none of them stacked well or looked quite right. When Jared released Singularity, I took one look at it and knew it would be perfect for this project. Speaking of Jared… Not only does he create great fonts (and sits on FontShop’s type selection board), but he is also my former home teaching companion and Elder’s Quorum President and a great husband and father. Thanks, Jared.

2 thoughts on “New t-shirt: The coolest, geekiest, most esoteric way to show you are LDS”

  1. I second the votes for geeky and esoteric. This is, like, four times removed from comprehensibility.

    But I love it. 🙂

  2. An update:

    We have one order (not for this design — it’s for the AMV one). Many thanks to whoever ordered the shirt.

    Two more shirts sold by June 1 and we’ll receive a voucher I can use to give Jared a t-shirt. I believe that if we sell 6 then we get two vouchers, in which case I’ll order a shirt for emeritus AMVer and current member of the military Eric Russell.

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