Tyler’s Poetry Project

So here’s the deal, AMVers. In celebration of National Poetry Month and in conjunction with AMV’s plan to do the same (I’ll try not to step on my co-bloggers toes here; if I do, especially you Wm., sorry in advance), I’m undertaking a month long exploration of Mormon verse. To chase these poets with me (or even to suggest a Mormon poet who deserves some attention, even in the lowly way I can give it on my personal blog), link to Chasing the Long White Cloud’s Mormon Poetry Project where I’ll be highlighting a poet and a poem per day for the month (at least that’s my hope). Yesterday, I took center stage myself with a spring-y haiku (*how narcissistic of you, Tyler*) and today I’ve put the spotlight on Darlene Young.

So come, if you will, spend a few minutes chasing clouds with me. Who knows: we might even find an elephant or two stampeding across the sky.

6 thoughts on “Tyler’s Poetry Project”

  1. Everybody should get it out of their system this month because I’m banning poetry once April is over.

    Man, you give the poets a little attention and they get all giddy and wild.

  2. This is why I am so anti-Spring. Everybody gets all frisky what with the jokes and the contests and the April Fools stunts. It’s enough to make a benevolent dictator weep. Oh, wait. That’s just my allergies.

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