Two events and three cool links

Or as I was tempted to call it: apropos of everything.

Father in Israel screening March 25

An advance screening of Christian Vuissa’s film “Father in Israel” will take place at 7 p.m. Wednesday, March 25, at the Megaplex 8 at Thanksgiving Point. Click here for details. The film’s theatrical release is planned for this fall.

“Little Happy Secrets” March 19-23 in Provo

The New Play Projects production of Melissa Leilani Larson’s play “Little Happy Secrets” opens tonight. You can . Larson bills her play as being “about a young woman coming to terms with her homosexuality without compromising her LDS faith.”

Menachem Wecker on a staging of “My Name is Asher Lev”

Menachem Wecker, who blogs on art and religion at Iconia, wrote a review earlier this month for The Jewish Press of a staging of Chaim Potok’s novel “My Name is Asher Lev.” I thought that this would be of interest to AMV’s readers because of Potok’s popularity in the world of Mormon letters, but even more I’m linking to it because it’s an excellent piece of criticism.

Satisfactory poetry

Writing for The Chronicle Review, Jeffrey H. Grey dissects the Poet’s Puffery that exists in the modern American literary scene. He equates the tendency to praise most modern poets with grade inflation and writes: “over the past few years of editing a large reference work on American poetry, I’ve found an unexpected pleasure in the merely satisfactory.”

Orson Scott Card on Mobility 2088

So I’m mainly posting this because I was amused to be pitched by a Social Media Marketing Manager, but for fans of OSC who’d rather see him prognosticate about the future rather than pontificate about politcs, should check out Mobility in 2088 (link is to YouTube), a Honda-funded documentary.

2 thoughts on “Two events and three cool links”

  1. I’d put economics on Scott Card’s “stay away from” list. The most inaccurate article of his I’ve read (and the one that betrays ignorance of the subject the most) was an attempt he wrote (10 or so years ago) to explain why it was economically unwise for women to work.

    In this case, the Mobility in 2088 video is so devoid of actual substance that there is no danger of anyone looking foolish. But I doubt that is Card’s fault.

  2. I read the link to the Asher Lev production review. Interesting stuff. Thanks for posting it.

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