Wilderness Interface Zone: Patricia K’s next project

I’m pleased to announce the launch of Wilderness Interface Zone, a new blog headed up by Patricia Karamesines devoted to literary nature and science writing. Or as Patricia describes it: “A Mormon literary backcountry where words and place come together.”

WIZ’s intent is to foster the development of a tradition of nature literature written by Mormons as well as to help build a community of writers and readers interested in nature lit.  WIZ hopes to support exploration of the concept of stewardship through the telling of stories.  Furthermore, it will feature reviews, essays, poetry, news, regular posts such as “field notes”  and miscellaneous other fun expeditions into the realm of natural history writing.  Also very exciting: besides spotlighting the writing of regular bloggers and invited guests, WIZ will eventually open to submissions from its readers.

So head on over to wilderness.motleyvision.org and check it out. I’ll be hanging out over there from time-to-time as well.

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