MormonTimes on the LDS Film Festival

The beautiful thing about the mainstream media is that when it decides to cover a story, it has the people and resources to do so (and strict deadlines). Here’s a round up of coverage of the LDS Film Festival:

Mormon films: walking a fine line — A report on a panel discussion at the festival moderated by AMV’s own Katherine Morris.

Award-winner altering movie scene with uplifting films — a profile of director and producer Rick Stevenson.

LDS Film Festival award ceremony — “Director Kristal Williams-Rowley came in first in the short films category, receiving a trophy and a $2,000 cash prize for her film “Mind the Gap.” The 16-minute drama features a teenage girl who has to cope with the grief that both she and her father encounter as a result of his job.”

More Mormon Times coverage here.

10 thoughts on “MormonTimes on the LDS Film Festival”

  1. Thanks for posting this, William, but just at a glance I can see two problems. While Katharine was on the panel, the forum (according to the festival schedule) was moderated by Gideon Burton, and the award for Kristal Williams-Rowley was $1000. I was at that ceremony. Her film was excellent, by the way. Chilling and heart-rending and very original. I only attended the first half-hour of the forum, preferring instead to listen to Rick Stevenson’s presentation, but what I heard was very interesting. I’m sorry I couldn’t have been to both.

  2. Yeah, Katherine also briefly mentioned to me this weekend that she didn’t say what she was quoted as saying.

    So I retract my MSM comments above. Coverage is good — accuracy is better.

  3. This is just an aside, Wm, but are you and Katherine related? I’m probably the only one who doesn’t know the answer to that question, but that’s a good reason for asking, I suppose.

    Also, I’m planning on reviewing each of the presentations and films that I saw this weekend (I was there from 3:30 Thursday through the end on Saturday) separately. Just so you know. But I’m also starting class again this week, so I may not get started on that for a couple of days.

  4. MSM = mainstream media

    Katherine is my sister.

    And: I can’t wait for your reviews. For readers who don’t regularly follow Towards an LDS Cinema (and you should), links to all blog posts that Adams publishes also show up in the Mormon arts feed in the upper left column of AMV.

  5. I wouldn’t say we were misquoted badly. “Paraphrased” might be a better word. But that’s not uncommon in this kind of reporting. Honestly, I’m really glad Mormon Times covered the event. The more publicity the better.

    I’m also looking forward to your reviews, Adam. Thanks for attending the forum discussion. I wish I’d known you were there.

  6. .

    I agree. Isn’t bad publicity supposed to be better than no publicity? Then surely inaccurate-but-positive publicity is as well.

  7. Thanks for the endorsement, Wm.

    Katherine, I was the funny looking guy with the scarf whose cell phone went off as he was leaving the room at about 10:30. I really enjoyed what I heard of your work.

    Andrew: Dragon Hunter. Interesting film. I have plenty to say about that it. But I’ll save it for the formal write-up. I spoke privately (briefly) with Maclain Nelson (who plays the lead and was executive producer) about it.

    Thanks for the link. That was a good article.

  8. Coverage is good. We saw a much more dramatic increase in coverage this year at the festival than we had in years past.

    Over the last couple of years, the festival has enjoyed some notable press coverage. We’ve had an article in the Washington Post last year or the year before. Some Italian Magazine did a write up about the festival last year. This year, the Daily Herald gave our festival more coverage because of budget constraints that kept them from spending more time at Sundance. I think I ran into Mormon Times reporters at almost every event.

    This year we were also covered by the Associated Press writer Jennifer Dobner for all things Mormon. If you Google Search “Annual Mormon-theme film festival opens in Utah” you’ll get a feel of how far reaching just one AP article goes. I like the final quote in the article from one of this year’s filmmakers:

    “I’m a firm believer that LDS cinema should not be about Mormon culture, but about bringing out values into larger stories,” said Volkova, who joined the church last year. “Good stories, that is the most important thing.”

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