A report on AMV t-shirts and Support AMV

My awesome parents sent me one of the AMV in Deseret Alphabet t-shirts for Christmas. I had asked for it, of course. But that did not diminish the excitement of opening the gift.

My first impressions:

1. The white on black looks really cool. And the size of the lettering is perfect.

2. The weight of the t-shirt is quite good and I wouldn’t go with a lighter weight t-shirt (at least not for white on black).

3. The printing job is also quality. It’s a bit hard to tell from the photo, but the lines are crisp. I don’t know that the plot printing technique is amazingly better out of the gate, but

Photo after the jump as well as an update on Support AMV.

Here’s a shot of my t-shirt (photo credit goes to my lovely wife). You can’t really tell much from it , but I figured I’d share it anyway. Click on it to see it in a larger size:

AMV in Deseret Alphabet T-shirt

I can also report that after one washing, the shirt held up fine. My siblings also received t-shirts and they reported that they could see a faint line across the top of the design (mine either didn’t have it or I just couldn’t see it). My guess is that that is from the plastic backing used in the process and that it will go away after one washing.

In all, I’m very pleased with Spreadshirt and will continue to use them. I’m also pleased to report that thanks to the generosity of my parents and one other person (gibby claimed to be that person in a previous post — thanks and let us know if you like the shirt if you read this), AMV will be receiving a $25 commission later this month (you have to hit $20 or 25 to receive a payout from Spreadshirt) — which will cover most of what I paid in the semi-annual hosting invoice which came due in Dec. This means that anything AMV makes in the next 5 months can go towards the June payment. I’ll be using the commission to pay for my AML membership.

In addition, a few of you (or maybe just one of you — I have no idea) have used the Amazon Associates link. Thanks so much. We’re currently sitting at $9.14 in commission. Once we hit $10, Amazon will send me a gift certificate in that amount (they only pay cash on larger commissions), which I will use personally and will cover the domain registration for the year. After that, anything that comes in will go to my co-bloggers (in order of seniority).

I hope to have some more t-shirt designs soon and work is progressing on the PayPal donation incentive. I’ll roll that out as soon as the incentive is ready to go.

Finally, I have yet to wear the t-shirt out in public where it could be seen (it’s winter here in Minnesota dontcha know) so I can’t yet report on reactions.

4 thoughts on “A report on AMV t-shirts and Support AMV”

  1. I bought the shirt for my dad for Christmas. The weather hasn’t permitted him to wear it yet. I’ll get a report on the wear-abilty when we thaw out. The lines are as crisp as advertised.

    Good conversation starter on Christmas day.

  2. I’m still waiting for a little extra cash so I can get my t-shirt. My wife’s birthday’s coming soon, so maybe I’ll get one for her, too, and justify the expenditure that way (not that it needs justifying—well, maybe because we’re college-/young kids-poor right now, it does need a little bit of justification).

    I did, however, use the Amazon Associates link to buy my books for the semester (at least the ones I bought from Amazon), so that should have put a few cents in the pot.

    Whatever I can do to support AMV!

  3. Thanks for the nice note about our Spreadshirt service. We are happy to have you as a shop partner! Please keep in touch with us and tell us what we can do to work better for you.

    Best regards,

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