My new comedy, “Uneaten Cantaloupe,” closes this weekend

My new comedy Uneaten Cantaloupe, which started last Friday, ends this weekend at Provo Theater Company through the New Play Project (the same place and group which put on my play Swallow The Sun, for those of you who were able to attend that). For those who have seen my plays before, you should know that in this one…
There is no polygamy.
There are no mythological archetypes.
There is no tragic ending.
There are no pining immortals.
There are no theological discussions between famous literary characters. 
There are no headless horsemen on the rampage.
There are no sad farewells to an eden-like past.
It’s not even a drama.
In short, it’s unlike any of my other plays.
It’s just fun, frothy weirdness on the rampage. A wacky, reality bending comedy appropriate for the whole family (although, fair warning, there is a lot of kissing!). Go in there expecting something more along the lines of a Warner Brothers cartoon rather than my usual melodrama or spiritual morality tales and you’ll be prepared. 
We have two places where you can see a trailer which was made for the play:
or for those of you on Facebook:

Show Dates

  • November 14th, 2008 @ 7:30pm
  • November 15th, 2008 @ 2:30pm
  • November 15th, 2008 @ 7:30pm


Tickets are $10 for general admission and $8 for students/seniors. You may purchase tickets online at or at New Play Project’s box office (starting 1 hour before showtime). You may also call (801) 369-7242 to reserve a ticket.
Hope you can come and have fun with us!

2 thoughts on “My new comedy, “Uneaten Cantaloupe,” closes this weekend”

  1. Oh, man. So it’s not about the famous C.S. Lewis/J.R.R. Tolkien fist fight over whether cantaloupe is better than honeydew?

    I’m so disappointed.

  2. I wish I could make it down there. My brother, Jake, gave me a very interesting description of it the other day – he said he remembered it from some time ago. I think you two were roommates once, right?

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