Intermission: Indulge me my other passion?

I know, I know. You were expecting another “tragic tell” from the new guy. But I thought I’d give the heavy going a break for a week and come up for a breather as I reappraise and revise the concluding sections of my series and get my family packed and ready to move to Idaho (don’t you go too far though; you’re obviously anxious for Part IV–coming next week).

And I thought, hey, since I’ve got a captive audience *uhm-hmm* I’ll riff off of and indulge AMV’s readers (or at least myself) with one of my recent poems, originally published on my personal blog.

So without further ado…

Kite Flying

But Daddy, she says,
kite over her head,

its tail masking her eyes.
We’ll tell the wind

to come back. She
lifts the kite to look at me

then makes for the door
before I can reply,

her sister close behind,
looking back

for my permissive nod.
They’re so different,

these two, yet their voices
layer so finely–the older’s

relentless, compressed;
the younger’s expectant,

fragile–as they
will the wind to cover

their August afternoon
that I draw in breath,

hoping the vacuum will
pull currents enough

to keep their string
trained, their voices taut

against the silent
movements of God.

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