Who entered the Irreantum fiction contest?

I told several people that I wasn’t going to be able to enter this year, but in the end I managed to get in an entry. I didn’t have time to develop any of the projects I had had in mind (unfortunately the best idea came to me on an airplane flight less than a month before the deadline). But I did find the time to dust off a short story I had written several years ago that needed that extra something — and I think got it right this time. I sent mine in two days or so before the deadline.

So. Who else entered? Obviously, you shouldn’t post any details of the project in case any judges happen to read this entry. But I’d love to hear from those entered something and, if you feel so inclined, any comments about the writing process and how early/late you got your entry in.

Also: Results will be announced at the end of August.

15 thoughts on “Who entered the Irreantum fiction contest?”

  1. I entered. Timing by the skin of my teeth. And the writing process was boring as the piece I created turned out to be mildly lame. But I did get it in.

  2. I didn’t. I’ve been sadly dry when it comes to short fiction. It’s getting to be more painful than fun for me so I’m doing other stuff.

  3. I entered. I originally submitted the piece to Irreantum before I knew about the contest. They said it was good but over the 8,500 word limit, and suggested I edited it and submitted it to the short story contest. This was in January, and I’d already rewritten and revised my story several times. I think I did three major rewrites after that, plus half a dozen smaller ones, and submitted it two weeks before the deadline. I’m really happy with the latest draft.

  4. I may have submitted. I may deny submitting come late August. And what’s all this about rewriting and editing?

  5. I entered. I only learned of the contest on the 30th, so my entry was a little… rushed. I think that’s about as much as I can say without getting into describing it.

    I did think, for the first time yesterday, that I hope I don’t win. It’s kind of that missionary/girlfriend thing, where they say for 1 year they fear they will get dear Johned, and the second year they fear they won’t.

  6. I entered. I think it’s probably my fourth year, or something like that. I placed as honorable mention in the 2005 contest and my story was subsequently published in the Irreantum.

    I’m hoping to do it again. 🙂


  7. August 18, 2007

    This string is probably dead, owing to the fact that it’s dated June 15. So what else is new? Nothing I write gets read. But hell, I’ll say a word. I just read, from the Motley Etc. August 15 2007 post that the Irreantum contest has been judged.

    I didn’t win.

    I’ve been chuckling and chuckling over my entry ever since I submitted it in the last days before the deadline. I knew my piece would go NOWHERE. I just wanted to have the judges who are “professional writers and professors of writing” read my piece. The judges had to read it, right? The piece was a spoof on LDS fiction contests. I can tell that now because the contest is over.

    I loved the fact that, no matter what, “professional LDS writers and LDS writing professors were going to have to read my piece.

    Thanks for reading it, by the way. I love you sisters and brothers.

  8. John:

    This initial comment is fine, but the subsequent conversation with yourself was not appropriate. And by not appropriate, I don’t mean that the content was offensive, but rather that this blog is not the place for such stunts. If you want to have imaginary conversations about your contest entry, feel free to set up your own blog.

    That said, I haven’t banned you from commenting here at AMV. My guess is that you may not be fully aware of commenting etiquette and so I’ve given you the benefit of the doubt. If you’d like to add to the conversation in this or other posts, you are welcome to.


  9. Yo quisiera saber si algien de habla espanol lea esta sitio. Si si, quiero saber si submitieron un cuento corto en el concurso de Irreantum Fiction Contest?


  10. Don’t be obnoxious, John. This is your last warning.

    Let me be clear, here. We very much would value your participation here. Passionate folks who are interested in Mormon letters are welcome. Even those who write spoofs.

  11. August 21, 2007
    Mr. Morris,
    I have obviously crossed the line between being playful and being obnoxious. That line is sometimes more difficult to judge on some sites than on others.

    I apologize for being obnoxious. Lo siento mucho.


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