Association for Mormon Letters issues call for papers

The Association for Mormon Letters in conjunction with the Religious Studies Program at UVSC has issued a call for papers to be presented at its annual conference to be held on April 7, 2007, at UVSC in Orem, Utah.  The theme of this year’s conference will be children’s and young adult literature, but papers on other topics focused on Mormon letters are invited as well.  This conference also promises sessions on LDS film; I think we can expect sessions on film at most if not all AML conferences from now on. 

Send your 250 word abstracts to Linda Hunter Adams, AML President, by February 19. 

The AML invites scholars affiliated with colleges and universities as well as independent scholars and authors to submit abstracts.  Students who wish to submit papers must be members of the AML Student Association.

For complete information on how to submit abstracts or papers, go here.

One thought on “Association for Mormon Letters issues call for papers”

  1. Thanks for your efforts in making the conference this past Saturday informative for those who took the time to attend.

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