Have you considered Irreantum?

I subscribe to four literary journals and magazines: Irreantum, Dialogue, Isotope, and .  The reason I picked up Poets and Writers this year is because they offered an outrageously low subscription rate, one I couldn’t pass up.  But!  When resubscription time rolls around, if I have to sacrifice one or more of my mags, Poets and Writers will the be first to go.  Why?  Because when it comes down to it, I want journals that actually carry the kind of writing I aspire to publish.

Hopefully I won’t have to make the choice, but if I do, Dialogue comes next on my list of things I would give up to save other things.  Dialogue carries interesting articles, fine essays, and attractive poems, and I hope I can always keep up a subscription. But it just doesn’t carry enough of the kind of writing that really piques my interest: poetry, personal essays, and fiction.  And all that church history stuff?  Hm.

Having to choose between Isotope and Irreantum would depress me.  I love both journals dearly — Irreantum, because I belong to that always interesting AML community and because it maintains a fair balance between work with religious/Mormon themes and work not specifically Mormon but written by or about Mormons and so hopefully of interest to Mormons.  Isotope, Utah State’s journal of literary science and nature writing, carries the kind of writing that I, an aspiring nature writer, have in my own soul.  At its best, Isotope provides a window onto a community of thinkers and writers I long to join.  However, if I had to sacrifice either one, I would probably choose Isotope for the axe.  Irreantum (I think) I would hang on to until somebody pried my cold, dead fingers from its cover. 

In a recent post to the AML-List, The Association for Mormon Letters reports that Irreantum subscribers have dropped over the last year or two and the journal needs support to keep going strong.  If you are interested in creative writing by, for, and about Mormons, IMO Irreantum carries the widest and most balanced selection.  Please consider subscribing or keeping your subscription if it is coming up for renewal. 

As you may know, Irreantum’s general editor, Laraine Wilkins, died in a tragic car accident a few months ago.  Members of her staff stepped up to keep work on the issue in progress going. That issue is about to go to press.  It focuses on poetry, and the AML reports it runs over 200 pages.  The issue will also include “A number of excellent articles, essays, and stories.”  AML guarantees you won’t want to miss it.  Here’s the table of contents (Woo-hoo! I got two poems in this time!): 


Table of Contents

From the Assistant Editor

Laraine Wilkins: A Tribute
 David G. Pace

And a Garden Drifts Past My Window
 Lance Larsen
How Long; Soul Retrival
 Laraine Wilkins
We Have; Nahom
 Mark Bennion
Winchester Cathedral; Cada Regalo Perfecto
 Deja Earley
Figurine; As Grandpa Does His Own; Hudson’s Geese; Reprise
 Tyler Chadwick
The Pear Tree; Evening Drive
 P. G. Karamesines
And Their Sins Shall Be White as Snow; The Desert Fathers
 Timothy Liu
A Necklace of Ants; Suburban Revelation; Friday Mass through Stained Glass
 Lance Larsen
She Rivers Me; the dishwasher
 James Dewey
 Jennifer Quist
Pruning the Blood Plum Tree; The Voice of Water Here
 Warren Hatch
Woman with Bound Feet; Nothing Is Lost; Cancun Beach, Mexico; To a College
Roommate Killed by a Drunk Driver
 Carol Ottesen
A Visitation of Welshmen; Borders
 Leslie Norris

Epic Poetry
Some Thoughts on the Mormon Epic
 Michael Collings
Emerging at Easter
 Janean Justham
The Exiled King
 Brian Monte
The Road to Carthage
 Alan Rex Mitchell
rough stone
 Dennis Marden Clark
O Sing Now, Muse
 Thomas Kohler
The Nephiad
 Michael Collings
Final Thoughts
 Michael Collings

I Choose the Highway
 Charlotte Andersen
Fatal Broken Heart
 Darvell Hunt

A Family Review of States of Grace
 Bruce, Margaret, & Robert Young
Labute’s Horrible Horror Movie
 R. W. Rasband
A Glimpse inside the Last Wagon
 Randy Astle

From the Archives: “My Sister, Leonora A. Morley” by Eliza R. Snow
Book Reviews
 Cage of Stars (Jaquelyn Mitchard), and Calling Out (Rae Meadows), reviewed
by Phyllis Barber
 Mission to America (Walter Kirn), reviewed by Paul Swenson
 The Jager Artist (Larry Rigby), reviewed by Steven J. Stewart
 For Dust Thou Art (Timothy Liu), reviewed by Heidi Hart
Readers Write: Leslie Norris among the Mormons

If you haven’t considered subscribing to Irreantum, please do. To subscribe or renew your subscriptions, go here.

One thought on “Have you considered Irreantum?”

  1. Congratulations, Patricia. I prefer fiction to poetry, but this looks like a great issue. I’m excited, in particular, by the Mormon Epic section, a form that AMV has championed in the past.

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