The AML announces new Irreantum editors

The Association for Mormon Letters recently sent out the following news about Irreantum:

“The AML board is pleased to announce the appointment of Valerie Holladay and Scott Hatch as the new co-editors of Irreantum, the journal of the Association for Mormon Letters.

We will all miss Laraine Wilkins and her work with Irreantum. She had been discussing with the AML board her plan of turning the job of editor-in-chief of Irreantum over to someone else and moving to the position of managing editor when she was so unexpectedly and tragically taken from us. According to Angela Hallstrom, Irreantum assistant editor, “Before her death, Laraine had personally expressed to me that she felt both Valerie and Scott would be great assets to the journal, and I agree with her wholeheartedly.”

Please find their introductions below.

Association for Mormon Letters

>From Valerie and Scott,

We look forward to working with AML and the Irreantum editorial staff. It is a privilege. And it’s a challenge to follow Laraine’s superb work in growing the journal. We had so looked forward to working with her in the coming months of transition. And we’ll miss her, now and in the years to come.

As we look over the production schedule, it seems to us that the next two journals (stage and poetry) are well in-hand; please let us know how we can help in any way to bring these issues together–especially as a way to involve ourselves gently and seamlessly in journal operations.

We’ve each included a brief bio below to introduce ourselves.


I earned both bachelors and masters degrees at BYU, taking writing classes from Leslie Norris, Susan Howe, and Louise Plummer, and working with John Bennion and Gene England for my thesis, a collection of personal and critical essays. While at BYU, I worked in the Publications Center with Linda Adams. Among other things, I co-edited Inscape, BYU’s literary journal, with Tory Anderson; after graduating we co-founded the Wasatch Review, which lasted several years but lacked staff and money to continue. So I was happy to see Chris Bigelow start Irreantum and to see it do so well and was really impressed with the quality and depth of the last several issues under the guidance of Laraine and Angela.

Like Scott, I’ve worked in LDS publishing, editing both fiction and nonfiction, and have written for Dialogue, the Ensign, Irreantum, and Sunstone as well as other publications. I’ve also presented at AML’s annual
and writing conferences. For three years I was editor of Family Voice Magazine, a resource for Utah families, and ran the state writing contest for the League of Utah writers (which involves about 20 categories and
hundreds of entries). I’ve served as a judge for them as well as for other writing contests For the last two years I’ve been teaching composition at UVSC and editing at BYU.


I also earned a BA and an MA in English at BYU, co-edited _Inscape_, and worked in the publications center with Linda Adams. Of course, I also took creative writing classes with Valerie. I’m glad to be working together with her.

My thesis committee included Leslie Norris, Susan Howe, and John S. Harris, and my thesis was a long prosopoeic narrative (jackrabbit prose) on the Mormon Battalion entitled _Under the Hunter_. I’ve published in _Prairie Schooner_, _Western Humanities Review_, _BYU Studies_, and _Dialogue_, and I have a collection of poetry to be published by Signature at the end of this year entitled _Mapping the Bones of the World_.

I’ve spent more than a Rip-Van-Winkle-esque chunk of my career in software documentation, technical marketing communications, and technical journal publication. I also spent a bewildering and dismaying half-year as managing editor of an LDS trades press. Currently, I am in my third year as an assistant professor teaching technical communications in the Department of English & Literature at UVSC and have taught adjunct creative writing at BYU for a few years now.”