Update On Staged Readings

Just wanted to up date the information on the staged readings of my plays happening at UVSC. I’ve decided
to do only two plays instead of three (I thought three was a little intense), so we’re focusing on “The Reluctant Convert,” my bioplay about C.S. Lewis’ conversion to Christianity, and “The Fading Flower,” my play about Emma Smith and her children, in regards to the beginnings of the RLDS Church and its relation to us “Utah Mormons,” with a specific focus on David Hyrum Smith (a special treat for those who attend “Fading Flower,” James Arrington will be reading the role of Brigham Young).
Since both these pieces are still in workshop stages, we’ll have a talkback session with me and the actors, so I can know what works and what can be improved upon.
Also, I’m aware of the tragedy that this is conflicting with Scott Bronson’s Nauvoo Theatrical Society Staged Readings, but you can still attend his and at least one of these, if you want to attend both. You just have to decide which of my two plays sounds more interesting to you.
Here’s the pertinent information:

C.S. “Jack” Lewis Lewis is a dedicated atheist. However, his comfortable conclusions and protective layers are about to be challenged as he undergoes a transformation from faithless skeptic to one of the twentieth century’s most celebrated authors and Christian defenders.

Emma Smith is the widow of the Mormon prophet Joseph Smith, Jr. After her husband’s death, she has distanced herself from her husband’s religion to protect her children from the trials she had to bear. However, old wounds are opened and questions unburied as her son Joseph Smith III leads a new version of Mormonism and her son David Hyrum Smith seeks answers from his family’s past.

Performaces are Aug. 25 & 26 at the UVSC Blackbox Theater (Gunther Trades Building 627) at 7:3o pm. FREE ADMISSION.