Nauvoo Theatrical Society readings

The Nauvoo Theatrical Society will be holding fundraiser readings at 7 p.m. Aug. 25-26 and Sept. 8-9 in Scott Bronson’s backyard, 1482 South, 760 East, Orem, Utah.

The Aug. 25-26 readings will be of “Dial Tones,” a romantic comedy about sex, politics, religion and artificial intelligence by J. Scott Bronson; the Sept. 8-9 readings will be of “Matters of the Heart,” a play by Thom Duncan about a young man who comes home a year early from his mission in France.

The organizers ask that you not bring children under the age of 10. The readings are fund-raising events for the Nauvoo Theatrical Society. Admission is whatever participants can afford and/or whatever value they place on the experience. The Nauvoo Theatrical Society is a 501(c3); receipts will be provided to those that need them.

The Nauvoo Theatrical Society produced a season of well-received plays in 2002-03 at a space in an Orem strip mall.

For more on the readings and on NTS, read Bronson’s e-mail to the AML List.

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