Irreantum’s film issue (2006)

From the Association for Mormon Letters:

The Association for Mormon Letters is pleased to announce the publication of
its newest issue of Irreantum. The focus topic for this issue is “Film and
Religion.” It includes an essay considering LDS Church filmmaking as
propaganda, four film review essays (including a review by Eric Samuelsen on
the HBO series “Big Love”), and the reprint of an article written in 1931 by
Gordon B. Hinckley on the use of filmstrips in missionary work. This issue
also features the first and second-place winning entries from the 2005
Irreantum fiction contest, as well as some wonderful poetry, thoughtful book
reviews, and short essays from our readers on “Film and Religion.” The
complete Table of Contents is included below.

Future issues coming out include a double-issue on Poetry (Generations Old
and New), The Mormon Stage (guest editor Scott Bronson), and Youth

You can still subscribe or renew your subscription to get this issue and
future issues delivered to your door. Go to and
follow the links to “Irreantum.” To check when your subscription expires,
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us at the Sunstone Symposium to sign up for a subscription and/or purchase
back issues.

Table of Contents ““ Irreantum Fall/Winter 2005 (Volume 7, Number 3)

Focus Topic: Film and Religion

>From the Editor

Critical Essay
Propaganda LDS Church Filmmaking: Gentle Persuasion or Ham-Fisted Handling?
by Randy Astle and Lee Walker

Aaron Orullian ““ “Judgment Day”
Shawn P. Bailey ““ “They Wandered in Deserts”

Heidi Hart ““ “Slowing the Song,” “In Ordinary Time”
Joel T. Long ““ “Bread and Plums,” “St. Catherine’s Finger Sonnet”
Sharlee Mullins Glenn ““ “As the Gods”
Jennifer Quist ““ “The Man Lehi,”, “Bubbly, Bubbly”
Lon Young ““ “Rumble of the Falls,” “Sycamores by the Bagel Shop on Center”
Maureen Clark ““ “Curious Tree,” “Between the Gods”
Colin Douglas ““ “Psalm”

Reel Observations
Eric D. Snider ““ Church Ball
Eric Samuelsen ““ HBO’s Big Love: Negotiating Polygamy
Randy Astle ““ The Ascension of a Saint: New York Doll
Peter Walters ““This Divided State: An Exploration in Civility?

Readers Write
“Film and Religion”

>From the Archives
“Romance of the Celluloid Strip” by Gordon B. Hinckley: Missionaries and
Technology from The Deseret News (Church Section), May 2, 1936.

Book Reviews
David Pace ““ Desperately Seeking Spirit: A Review of Martha Beck’s Leaving
the Saints
R. John Williams ““ The Jolting Truth: A Review of Gregory Prince and Robert
Wright’s David O. McKay and the Rise of Modern Mormonism
Lisa Close ““ The Importance of Identity: A Review of Lael Littke’s Searching
for Selene
Mahonri Stewart ““ Nephi Among the Superheroes: A Review of Mike Allred’s The
Golden Plates, Volume Two: The Liahona and the Promised Land

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