Honoring Leslie Norris

Those with a connection to or interest in Mormon and/or Utah arts and culture are invited to attend a Sunstone Symposium session and submit a short essay to Irreantum in honor of poet Leslie Norris.

The details:

The Association for Mormon Letters is sponsoring the Sunstone Symposium session “In Memoriam: Leslie Norris Among the Mormons” from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. Friday, Aug. 11, 2006, in Salt Lake City. Three people who knew Norris well — Guy Lebeda (of the Utah Arts Council), Jerry Johnston (writer for the Deseret News), and Lance Larsen (poet and former student) — will present at the session. Each presenter will offer a different perspective on Leslie’s feelings about and experiences of the Mormons. Was Leslie Norris a “dry” Mormon? Was he a believer who wouldn’t take the plunge? If not, then why was he in Utah — indeed, in the heart of Mormondom — for so long? Did he respect the Mormons? Find them amusing? Attendess will be certain to hear some funny stories and, perhaps, even conflicting viewpoints.

This session is being held as part of a larger project to remember Leslie Norris through the joint collaboration of and the Mormon arts blog A Motley Vision. Submissions on the topic “Leslie Norris Among the Mormons” will be accepted through July 31 to editor@irreantum.org. All submissions will be posted on A Motley Vision; a selection will be included in Irreantum’s forthcoming issue on “Poetry Coming and Going.”

Essays should be 200-1,200 words in length.