News: Poetry Chapbook from MAG

I’m passing on the following announcement from New York City’s Mormon Artist Group:

New York City’s Mormon Artists Group recently announce the publication of Javen Tanner’s first volume of poetry, Curses for Your Sake.

The fourteen poems in this chapbook traverse a landscape of contemporary wandering and rumination. The title comes from the third chapter of the book of Genesis in which man is sent out from Eden to till the ground cursed for his sake. At turns contemplative, elegiac, and playful, the poems are grounded in personal experiences; they examine relationships in the family, and they observe life out in the world.

Javen Tanner
Javen Tanner is from Kanab, Utah and lives in New York, New York. His poems have appeared in Southwestern American Literature, The Midwest Quarterly, The Roanoke Review, DMQ Review, Rock Salt Plum, Three Candles, The Raintree Review, and others. He holds an MFA degree from the University of San Diego/Old Globe Theatre. He is the associate artistic director of the Handcart Ensemble in New York City.

The Editions
Curses for Your Sake was published in a softcover edition, saddlestitch bound, 6″x9″, 48 pages. That edition is $14.95. ISBN 0-85051-016-3

A handbound limited edition, which sold out in just three days, was also published and may be available from rare book dealers. It included an audio CD recording of the poetry read by Javen Tanner, and was signed and numbered by the artist.

An audio excerpt of Curses for Your Sake is available online, as is a sample of the poems at Copies may be ordered through the group’s website.

Mormon Artists Group Press
Mormon Artists Group is a collective of some fifty artists who are LDS and live in New York City. We are writers, playwrights, photographers, painters, filmmakers, composers, graphic designers, illustrators, poets, choreographers, etc. We are affiliated with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints only to the extent that we are members of the church. Curses for Your Sake is our eighth publication.

Our works in print are:
“¢ The Book of Visions (animated film by Annie Poon, 2005)
“¢ The Articles of Faith (song cycle by David Fletcher, 2005)
“¢ Manhattan New York Temple Portfolio (suite of six photographs, 2005)
“¢ Mormoniana (sixteen composers, concert pianist, essayist and artists, 2004)
“¢ Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters (original prints by Lane Twitchell,
“¢ Musical Compositions by LDS Composers in New York City Library Collections (2003);
“¢ Silent Notes Taken (personal essays by nine authors, 2002)

6 thoughts on “News: Poetry Chapbook from MAG”

  1. Thanks for posting this, Kent. Good to see that you all are still publishing works every year.

    And good to see a chapbook by a Mormon poet come out from a small Mormon press. Good luck.

    Considering what a large role chapbooks play in the larger poetry community, I’m a bit suprised that there haven’t been more published for the Mormon literary market (even as small as it is).  

    Posted by William Morris

  2. >Considering what a large role chapbooks
    >play in the larger poetry community, I’m
    >a bit suprised that there haven’t been
    >more published for the Mormon literary
    >market (even as small as it is).

    I’d bet its simply ignorance of what chapbooks are and how easy it is to produce them these days. If no one else beats me to it, I’ll try to take on this issue in a future post — although I don’t know that much about it, to be honest.

  3. Kent,

    Please, please do post on chapbooks! I, for one, would like to know more.

  4. I recently worked with Javen on a film project for the Church. I found him to be an immensely talented, well-read, erudite young man. I hate him. Actually, I couldn’t even bring myself to be even slightly jealous of the guy; he’s just much too genuine and kind an individual to be rendered the object of ill will. I failed to get any contact info from him before he returned to New York, so please pass along my congratulations.

  5. Very informative post! I love the Mormon Artist’s Group but I am perhaps a bit biased. Annie Poon is my sister and I admire the heck out of all those artists.

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